New PC

I had to get a new pc and I reinstalled ANYDVD. How do I register my product again? Please help!
John :slight_smile:

Did you save your key? If so, just import it.

If you paid for your software, you should have gotten a key, just run it and voila!

By the way, it is called: Key.anydvd as shown below:

SlySoft order number: XXXXXXXX


Thank you for your purchase at

This e-mail contains important registration information. Therefore we
recommend that you make a backup of this e-mail.

You will find your license key(s) attached to this e-mail. Some e-mail
programs and internet providers do not allow attachments. In this case
please use the following links to download the license key(s):

1 x Bundle Package:

Please note: We recommend making a backup of this file(s) as the URLs are
valid for 7 days only.

How to unlock a product using a license key:

To activate a licence, please save the keyfile to your harddisk (to your
desktop for example) and double-click it. The demo version of the product
you purchased must have been installed previously. After a restart, your
product is unlocked and registered to you.

Please make a safety backup of your license keyfile(s) on a floppy disk or
CD and keep it in a safe place. In case that your system has to be
rebuilt, you will be able to unlock the software again with this file(s).
We cannot replace your license key in case you lost it!

If you have any questions, please reply to this e-mail or contact our
support team at

Your SlySoft Team