New PC with dh20a4p dvd burner



I would like to know how I can permanently make my new DVD DH20A4P (probably LiteOn) region free.
I tried with DVD Region Killer on a Vista PC, but it did not work.

Any help please?


Hi :slight_smile:
There is a Lite-On tool (see codeguys site*) for rpc1.
Of course you realise that you’ll still have to contend with OS (Windows) & player s/w.
In order to make PC region free.
If you use something like AnyDVD, you need do no more.


Hi, thanks for the answer.

The utility from codeguy did not work… it could only reset the count for the vendor.

Type Code : Drive region is set

of Vendor Resets Available : 4

of User Controlled Changes Available : 5

Drive DVD region : 1

Whe I try disable i got:

Fail to switch RPC work


Have you used LtnRPC?

If yes, then there is maybe a connection problem.


Yes I did…

I wrote the result in the earlier post… I also flashed the DVD burner with Codeguy’s firmware.

What du you mean with connection problem?

Anyway I hope in more suggestion.


Hi guys…
I really hope that it’s because of the week-end not receiving more suggestions.

I cannot patch it and I cannot unerstand why/where is is the problem.

Please help, it’s a brand new PC and burner… :slight_smile:


Issued solved, RPC1 worked suddendly and now is region free… probably Zone Alarm Pro blocked it.
I turned ZAP off and now the drive is region free…