New PC testing software?



I finally built my new rig and i’d like to run it through some testing. Can anyone point me in the direction of some good test programs? Do people still use 3dbenchmark? Whats a good memory test for errors? I havent ran tests on a computer in about 5 years or so. so im a little out of touch with the current stuff. And is there a good program (beside my bios) for temperature reading to make sure my chip isnt too hot? Thanks in advance!


Many people still use Prime95 to stress test their new setups. Memtest86 + is another oldie, but still good for testing memory. There are other programs out now for testing both these components, and I’m sure you’ll get more input from those who use them.

If you have an Intel processor, you can use Real Temp to monitor temperatures:
I believe SpeedFan works for both types:

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I use OCCT, IntelBurntest, Memtest86+ to check stability. I also use Performance test to compare the performance of the new build to the performance of similar systems and changes I make to the new build.