New PC - recommendations on components?



I have decided, to launch motives, of builds me a new PC. at this stage: Which Mainboard recommend me?

For motives of work, the Pc will have to be Fanless (or nearly) therefore no mainboard with noisy fans already climb on on the Nortbridge, type the MSI ULTRA, or some Abit.

Obviously, I have intention to take an AMD 64, for street of the smaller consumptions (a time, era the Intel strength!)

then: Which component are able recommends me?

(ps: excuse my poor english…)



Mainboard: (it’s a good board but it doesn’t have Gbit-LAN and Firewire).
If you want Gbit-LAN I’d recommend you to take a look at
Asus A8S-X, you should have no trouble finding both.