New PC problems and more problems

I bought a NEW (not refirbished) PC from, Systemax Venture VX2 Beast II Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 / Genuine Windows® XP Professional / 2GB DDR2 / 2x250GB SATA RAID 0 / DL DVD±RW/DVD-ROM/CD-RW / ATI X1950 XTX 512MB / Flash Reader / Desktop PC for $1999.00. Here is where the nightmare starts. I get the new PC, I hook it up according to the set up paper I turn it on and a few lights blink and nothing happens, I called the support line and he had me pushing and pulling and probing and removing and replacing just about all the internal components, still after all that nothing. I sent it back, they sayed they had to replace the mobo, make a long story short when I got it back it still didn’t work. Now I checked it out myself and found out the X1950 XTX 512MB was not working. I put in one of my other video cards and the PC works great. Has anyone had any problems with there X1950 XTX 512MB cards ?? I don’t know if I should keep this system or just get a new one from them ?? Sorry for this long winded story !!

In my opinion, I wouldn’t ever shop with Tiger Direct ever again. Just look at their ratings and reviews. Return the PC, end of story. If they can’t provide you with products and services that meets your needs, they have no business doing business with you. I have a Raedon X1950XTX 512MB, it runs fine.

Just curious, is there supposed to be a power connector on that vid card, and is it connected? Not surprising that someone would ship a PC without bench testing it, but it’s still a disappointment.

There is a power connector on the vid card and it was connected. When I turned on the PC with the cover off I could see the fan on the vid card turning but no picture on my monitor. I put it my X800 XL and the pc booted up with no problem. Tigerdirect is supposto have a good reputation I thought.

Thanks for the two web sites

…so you’re going to return it and get a refund?

I’m saying power supply. The PSU can’t support the X1950XTX…Most suppliers put in low-wattage PSUs, like 350W, and think it can power a high-end setup like this. What wattage is the PSU and who makes it? If you could, what is the max. combined (if dual rail) wattage load that the 12V+ rail can support? It is a chart on the PSU.


The power supply is 500watts the card recommends 450watts. I alwready got a return auth. number there is no way I am going to keep this system with these problems. I need to find a reliable place to get a decent PC. I thought I had one, but you never know. Dell, gateway, alienware all too expensive. I liked this PC because of the Intel® Desktop Board D975XBX2 mobo dual pci express slots

OK, either build it yourself or get a Maingear PC. Maingear is the BEST in service, price, and performance. I configured this:

Lian-Li Case
750W PSU
Asus P5N-E SLI
C2D E6700
2GB DDR2-667Mhz
WD Caviar 320MB w/ 16MB Cache
Flash Card Reader
Vista Home Premium
1 Year Warranty

For a total of 30 cents under $2000.

This is your best bet if you want your computer made for you. Superb wiring, world-renown support, all the good stuff. Still don’t believe me? Review!

Making your own isn’t too difficult, many have done it, and is cheaper. Plus, you can overclock. (On their F131 line, they will overclock the GPU and CPU for free!)


1 Year Maingear Warranty

Thanks I’ll check it out.