New PC can't burn DVDs



I’m new to burning DVDs, just got a new Sony Vaio with a DVD±RW (Sony’s DW-D22A drive)

Currently running Windows Media Center OS as well.
My husband’s friend suggested that we rip one of our dvds using DVD Shrink (which we did) then use Nero 6.0+ to burn it onto a blank dvd. Ok, so we’ve ripped one of our DVDs, now using a Hypermedia 4.7GB DVD+R 4x blank dvd, our burner will not detect the blank dvd to be a blank dvd, it keeps thinking they are blank CDs instead. Nero gave me a warning stating that it may not work with our OS and may have compatibility issues, it detected the drive fine and I attempted to burn the dvd anyway, but the DVD will not work and is unrecognizable to any dvd player including the PCs.

Any suggestions? I tried finding drivers for the burner hoping that was the issue, the only other thing I can assume is its because we’re using Windows Media Center OS instead of XP like most burning softwares are designed for.

Thanks for any help in advance.


If you are using Nero Burning Rom and not Nero Start Smart, make sure you select DVD from the dropdown menu on the New Compilation window.


yea, i selected dvd from the drop down, then i selected dvd video (like my friend said to do) moved the files from the rip over to the correct folder and burned. the dvd was unrecognizable in anything. also prior to opening nero 6.3, it said because we were running windows media center OS that it may have compatibility issues, but i’m still baffled as to how the burner will not recognize blank DVDs but thinks they are blank CDs…

is the burner just a bum burner??


You should first update your nero to 6.6… That should get rid of the compatibility issues. Also Khypermedia is pretty crappy. Try using better media or else you will get skipping and pixelation. Try verbatim, tdk, or Fujifilm Made in japan discs.

And check for a firmware update on your drive.


i did check for a firmware update, however, I guess there’s 2 types of my drive, I think I’ve heard of a B-1 and a B-2 ?? but i dont know which one it is


Hey method… This is an understatement. It’s total junk. Do as sweet said and go with a knwon solid media. #1 would be TY and if your drive doesn’t recognize that, you do have a bom burner. As far as F/w, I’d suggest doing a search in the Liteon forum as most Sony drives are nothing but re-badged Liteons. Also DL DVD Decrypter and try burning with it. You can set up Shrink to pretty much be a one touch process once this is done. When in Shrink and you go to backup DVD, you’ll get a screenwith 5 tabs on the top. The first one is target device. Click that and then click ISO image file and burn with DVD Decrypter. That should do it for you. Decrypter is freeware also. Good luck and Happy Burning. And welcome to the forum.



Sportfish, you’re the man. DVD shrink with DVD Decrypter did the trick (we also took back the hypermedia dvds and got memorex dvds), threw the dvds in their drives clicked it and poof, it works and is running in our xbox as i type.

Thanks a million man.


One thing to be aware of, even major brands of media often don’t make the media, they just buy someone elses and throw thier name on it. Download dvd identifier which will tell you what the media really is. That khyper media 4x +r you got is probably cmcmagaf1 (some really, really crappy media). I’m guessing the memorex were 8x (havent seen to much 4x memorex around here anyway) which is probably cmcmage01 (or cmcmagm01 if 16x or mb if made in india). Not to worry though, cmc’s new stuff (8x) uses philips dye and is worlds beter than thier crappy old stuff. Sportfish might not agree (he has had bad luck with cmcmage01) but some of us have had pretty good luck with it. Its defanatlly much beter than cmcmagaf1. Your sony is probably a rebaged liteon and liteons tend to do beter with + media by the way. Maxell, verbatium, and made in japan sony and fuji (8x) are all good. Maxell will be maxell002, verbatium will be mcc003, and sony/fuji mij should be yuden002.


Hey method…EXCELENT :bigsmile: Glad to here that worked for you. BUT, ripit took the words outa my mouth. I have had crappy luck with CMC Mags and wouldn’t and won’t touch them again. But also like ripit said, he’s had some luck with them and others also. Maybe it’s my 3 different brands of drives that don’t like them:confused: then again that’s hard for me to believe. Very strange that my NEC 3500 (actually 2 of them), Liteon and BenQ don’t like them. Can’t explain this one especially when I trust ripit’s word. Anyway IMO, if your going to buy Memorex media, I would only buy it if it says made in India. This is Moser Baer media and pretty good media. Best thing to do now though is to get yourself some TY’s from either or Now that you have a few Memorex, that should hold you over for a few days so you have a couple days to wait for mail to deliver the TY’s. With those, you can’t go wrong. Happy Burning.



Fyi, Sportfish. I’m sure that I have mentioned this to you before, but it is 2fc (just the normal unaltered official maddog 2fc) that has been burning cmcmage01 good for me.
@method, I also have to agree with Sportfish on the made in india mb (MBIPG101R04). Several of us have tried it and it seems to be working well for most (it hasent been around and common as long as some other medias but so far so good).