New PC and trouble with registering software



Hey there,

I just bought a new PC and am attempting to re-install the Imtoo DVD to iPod conversion software on my new system.

The installation has worked fine but when I try to upgrade to the full software version the registration repeatedly fails. I still have the original product key as mailed to me after my initial purchase but the software seems to want a ‘User Name’ aswell.

I have tried putting my own full name here, my email address and other random usernames I tend to use but no matter what I try the registration keeps failing.

Has anyone got an idea of what to do here?

Much thanks in advance for your help.



Well I have no direct clue for you about that particular software package but when I’m completely stuck a email inquiry to the maker has usually solved my issues for me.
You might also want to make sure your cookies and java are working as some sites depend on that to make things work properly. Since I have installed Noscript blocker I’m finding out all about that one, luckily you can enable or disable at will with it.