New PC and Alcohol issue

I have a new PC… (see specs in signature)

With my old PC I could make an image of my son’s games with Alcohol 52.
Since I changed PC and using the latest Alcohol, the wizard cannot create any image, and I have “disc error” for 15-20 minutes…

I do not know if Alcohol is buggy, because the same game image could be done easily in the old PC.

I send an attachement of my PC info taken in Alcohol.

The gane is “Rome Total War” safedisc protected…

I can add that the CD 2 and 3 can be backed up in 2 minutes… only CD 1 seems to struggle, I will wait all the time needed, but it was better with the older Alcohol and older PC

Please help… maybe settings should be changed …

Disc read errors are normal for safedisc protected cds. Just be patient and allow the reading process to complete. The read errors will cease after the first ~10,500 sectors and the remainder of the disc will only take 2 - 3 minutes to read.

Correct… thanks…
I will continue in the thread about Rome Total War… "Copy Protection)

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I would like to make a new image… except the fact that there are MANY disc errors, which I understand is normal, what else should I use in Alcohol and SafeDisc profile… Is it the normal one or SafeDisc 2/3/4?

Other thing to be enabled in emulation?

I would like to do it 100% right this time.

I read the guide, but I think is a bit confusing about SafeDisc.


I made a new image of CD1…

I tried to run it without Clone CD hide CDr and it crashes with a Vista error…

If I start Clone CD and hide CDr, no issue. The weird thing is that if I close the game and Clone CD without rebooting PC, then the 2nd time the game start without Clone CD,

If I reboot PC, then no start again without Clone CD… starting Clone CD same story as before.

So either the image is not good again, or the Pioneer 115D does not work well, or Alcohol settings are wrong when making the image.

The old PC and LiteOn did not use 2 hours to make an image for CD 1…

I need a few steps guide, about how to set Alcohol 52. and, if possible, an explanation of the weird issue starting the game with or without Clone CD


Please a final help… thanks. I’m a bit stuck here.


A) Why don’t you use Alcohol’s “Hide ATIP” feature instead of the “Hide CD-R” function in CCD?

B) The reason the disc works even after you close CloneCD, is that the emulation is probably still active even after closing the program, much like Alcohol’s stays running through the drivers, even if the program hasn’t been run yet since reboot.

a) I used Alcohol’s 52 hide CDr but it seems not to work.
Maybe my settings are wrong, can you help? Screenshots of settings?
If I could use only Alcohol’s it would be great.

b) OK, so that explains why it keeps working even after CCD is closed! :slight_smile: