New patin-couffin messed up

There is a new version of patin-couffin in the latest copytodvd and divxtodvd, and it causes me a lot of problems. My computer will not boot into XP after installing. It keeps rebooting when I get to the welcome screen and I have to go into safe mode and remove the VSO software so it will remove the patin-couffin, then everything works o.k. VSO people, please check this out and see what might be causing this in the new version of patin-couffin. Previous versions of patin-couffin work fine.

driver 29 is still in beta stage … we are correcting potential problems with the initialization of the driver, especially if you have several external drives connected to the computer. For now, we’ve experienced that if you switch off external units while you’re booting and then switch them on after may help… It’s not a goot solution, however it should help until we release a fixed build.

To help us solve that issue, drop us a mail ( and i’ll send you updated driver that could fix the issue.