New patched firmwares added

After not spending much time on patching for quite a while, here’s another bunch of firmwares that have been added. The following files were made available:

[li]NEC ND-4550A firmware 1.84
[/li] [li]Optiarc AD-5970H firmware 3APH and 3APHb
[/li] [li]Optiarc AD-7201S firmware 1H0B
[/li] [li]Optiarc AD-7203S firmware 1.B0
[/li] [li]Optiarc AD-7230S firmware 1.83
[/li] [li]Optiarc AD-7250S firmware 1.D3
[/li] [li]Optiarc AD-7590A firmware 1.V1
[/li] [li]Optiarc AD-7740H firmware A842
[/li] [li]Optiarc AD-7760H firmware 1.50

For all firmwares RPC1 and Auto-Reset firmwares are available, riplock patches were added for all slimline drive firmwares. Bitsetting patches are available for the ND-4550A, AD-7203S, AD-7250H, AD-7590A and AD-7740H firmwares.

The new 7740H firmware fails for me. Binflash errors with:

Identified drive: 221 - 3038
Detected drive from Firmware: 227 - 3032

The firmware identifies itself as being an Optiarc AD-7740H firmware. From the internals the drive should rather be named AD-7760H. This firmware is not compatible with your drive’s bootcode - maybe not even with your drive’s hardware.

[QUOTE=Liggy;2712761]After not spending much time on patching for quite a while, here’s another bunch of firmwares…

  • [li]Optiarc AD-7230S firmware 1.83

Hi Liggy,
I was buying on ebay an Optiarc AD-7230S that has a label that say: F/W: 1.83 H/W: 0.1 Manufactured Date: September / 2009
The firmware 1.83 is the last, after 1.02b and 1.d2 ?
I have seen you was doing a patch firmware of 1.d2 version with bitsetting… I would love if the same bitsetting function I can have also on firmware 1.83…
Thanks for all you do

The 1.83 firmware did not contain the code fragments that I need for implementing the bitsetting patch.

Hi Liggy,
thanks for the answer, could you explain the difference betwen the firmware 1.83 and 1.d2 ? In the strategy version I see that all is the same, change only: CD-RW A.20 with 1.20 and DVD+RW A.14 with 1.14

Do you think I can put the firmware 1.d2 on my drive with H/W 0.1 ?


It’s just a matter of trying the firmware. If Binflash doesn’t reject flashing, you should be rather safe.

No idea about the actual firmware differences. I usually don’t investigate firmwares in detail and even then it’s usually very difficult (or even impossible) to say what exactly the differences are

Hi Liggy,
thanks for the answer, I have found a new firmware 1.84 for the AD-7230S. Could you have a look if is possible with this to have booktype patch - RPC1 patch - auto-reset patch ?

Here the link:

thanks again for all your job

Downloaded that firmware and had a quick look, but this firmware also does not contain the required code sections for bitsetting - it’s likely that this will be the same for all 1.8* firmwares

@[B]Maciste[/B]: that’s why I’d prefer to stay with 1.D2 firmware.
Bitsetting features are very important for me, so when I grabbed my 7230S (F/W 1.83), I flashed it immediately with Liggy’s one…