New!Passkey is out

New!Passkey is out.

New: Introduced the new feature “Cloud Decryption Service” to speed up DVD analysis and decryption.
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New: Introduced the advanced online verification method to activate the Passkey 9.
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New: Added the support for some new JAVA protections.

MD5: 02DB9DBC49078C16E151833CF5D600F2
SHA1: 13E2072E73A936249E1E8D5C521A9E06A1E96E3B
CRC32: 928C777B

Thank you Alan :flower:

They finally set up passkey like the Dvdfab AIO for regerstering that should stop the registration with one license on 200pcs for a couple weeks anyway.:D:D

A tips is to remove the old version first. If not - you end up with two items in the add/remove list in Windows.

THX for the info,Alan ! :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=roadworker;2780317]THX for the info,Alan ! :)[/QUOTE]
You are very welcome RW, when the version goes from 8 to 9, you always get installation in another folder, so you have 2 versions, it happened when I went to install the Techsmith Snag-it also, that went from V12 to V13. In Passkeys case you must uninstall V 8 and then install version 9 and register it. This way you do not have 2 drivers running at once for the same program. ( as [I]Gummigutta[/I] has already pointed out. ):flower:

By the way, if you got the free giveaway with the [I]never ending[/I] license, it will not work with Passkey 9. The version change effectively ends the giveaway.

Noticed yesterday when I should rip a blu-ray true audio disc and thought I would upgrade first. Reinstalled the latest v8 and ripped the disc.

…[B]So much for the lifetime-giveaway which was given away on this site in August 2015 which as it turns out was nothing but a lie[/B]. :rolleyes:

Whoopst. I notice that can be perceived wrong…

It has to be emphasized that does not in any way have anything to do with the giveaway apart from providing a link to it.

DVD-/Blu-Ray Passkey was a lifetime registration giveaway from DVDFab which was downbloadable from .
The promotion ran from August 12th to August 31st 2015 and the initial version given away was v8.2.4.7. The registration was hyped-up to be lifetime as the below snap from my own document created at the time of the giveaway shows: