New!Passkey is out

New!Passkey is out.

New: Added support to reset region code of PowerDVD 16.
New: Added the support for more discs in free Passkey Lite.

Thanks :flower:

Thanks for the Link Alan

Notice in the changelog. I have been trying the new Passkey Lite and the HD Decrypter, it seems I am having success on all discs up to 2012, where before I had issues with them. I am not talking about the Passkey ( Paid) I am talking about the 2 free version of Fab. Passkey Lite and DVDFabdecrypter. Maybe some one could try it and post.

I am happy to see that Dvdfab is really putting out updates now in a timely fashion they used to be far behind Slysoft updates for new titles looks like they plan on trying to put a big hurt on the new Rfox after the demise of slysoft with Passkey and the price is right too.

Alan is correct, both Passkey Lite and DVDFab HD Decrypter have been “rejuvenated” to allow unregistered users the ability to open more BDs than has been the case. Titles released before late 2012 should be handled by both of the free versions. DVD decryption will continue to be updated periodically but not on any set schedule.

Already updated, and thanks for the info, Alan!:flower: