New Paris Hilton CD Is Out

And would someone let me know when the lines of excited buyers start to diminish…I’d hate to miss this musical masterpiece…

If only we could make stupidity more painful…

… advertising will not exists anymore :bigsmile:

Say what, she sings?

You funny! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Somewhere out there an underground British artist - calls himself Banksy, doctored 500 of these albums (pictures AND the music) and put them in stores across Britain.
Best part is that they all sold and NO-ONE complained!!! :eek:
A link here to see what he did

The title almost made me puke. It’s not just her, but the stupid people who support her.

I can’t stand her or her “singing”

and this is important for me to consider because… ?

Just another blonde wannabe with no talent, yet gets airtime because of her last name. sickening. :Z Nothing special about her at all, yet you’d think from her airtime that she was something special. ickkkkkk :Z

Wazzy, shame you can’t cure Paris of her delusions of grandeur…!!!

Kinda makes us happy we’re not rich and spoiled:)

Seems I am 2 weeks late to post this bit of news.
I can add they haven’t been returned and are now on ebay to buy.

she sucks.

She says she DOESN´T SUCK !!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

zero talent can’t sing or act, and not the best looking makes the spice girls look good.

see what money can do…:smiley: (or mom and dad)

:slight_smile: sure win her an Oscer and a Gramy :confused:

how disgusting lol and CCRomeo- for a mod, you sure know how to spell lol It’s Oscar’s and Grammy’s

Hey dude…you would be the man to tell Clint Eastwood he takes it up the rusty bullet hole, ja?
Go easy…this here´s the internet (and by all means use apostophes if you wish, BUT IN THE RIGHT PLACES!!!)

LOL Holy Crap! I was just thinking of the Spice Girls the other day. I was thinking how much we use to make fun of them, BUT by today standards they were actually pretty good. That is sad. :sad:

her singing is really not that great. like you say, the name gets her out there. shame.