New Panasonic Pro Plasmas



When huge isn’t big enough

Panasonic Solutions Company has announced three new professional 3Di plasma models; an 85-inch, a 103, and if that one isn’t big enough for you, a 152-inch. This is roughly the same size as a current Mini Cooper.

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The TH-152UX1 has a resolution of 4,096 by 2,160, giving it much greater than HD resolution.

While designed for corporate and commercial environments, all three models are still 3D ready. The contrast ratio on all models is a claimed 5,000,000:1, with roughly twice the tone gradations of regular plasmas.

Each also has Panasonic’s SLOT 2.0 which allows different terminal boards (like DVI or HD-SDI) depending on need.

The 85 and 103 will be available later this year, with the 152 targeted for January.


TH-85VX200U: $45,000 (December)
TH-103VX200U: $65,000 (December)
TH-152UX1: TBD (January)