New Panasonic ES10 recorder




Just got one of these, it seems a pretty good value at $190 (Best Buy). Anyway, being my first stand-alone, I’m wondering what will be my best approach to having top-quality recordings on a reliable disc. My 1st concern will be the results of burning 16x media at 1x, tests are proceeding, but at 1x it’s a bit slow. So for the short term, my plan is to burn -RW or RAM, then transfer to +/- R on the 'puter for archiving. Burn quality seems adequate, though not impressive, on some Fuji (Ritek) -RW 2x that I have. Certainly adequate for short term transfers.

Question: if I burn RAM, I will need to get a LG burner for the 'puter so I can do transfers. Will that require any different process than I currently use? (Decryptor or Shrink)

Recording HDTV sources via the SVHS inputs, I think I can see a clear difference between the XP and SP modes. They all appear to be constant bitrate. As yet, I have not tried Shrinking an XP recording, but I presume it will shrink pretty well and I should be able to put 2-3 hours of XP mode recordings on one disc after shrinking. Any body have experience with this? If so, how much shrinkage can you get with no loss of quality on a big screen HDTV monitor?

Sorry to be so long. Here’s the 1st burn I got on TY T02 +R:


TY G03 -R with 3.25 GB. Not bad for 16x media burned at 1x.


Verbatim 16x +R, MCC004 made in Taiwan:


I did a shrink of 6.4 GB of XP-mode video to 4.4GB (about 70% compression) with max sharpness selected in DVDShrink. I was unable to see any diference between the original and the shrunk version, on my 52" monitor, so that’s good. I’ll be able to get 2 hrs of XP-mode onto one disc that way.

The recorder does not fill up a disc, it just stops at 1:00, which generally winds up being about 3.7 GB.

Here’s a Verbatim 16x -R, MCC-03RG20:



I just wanted to follow up on your original post if you've found any answers or findings since then? We just the same model this week and I've only had time to make a couple of recordings. For now I don't have a pc burner but have inquired about the LG-4163 model on the LG Burner forum. I'm basically want to do the same as you. move stuff of the RAM disc to the pc, clean it up, and then back on (-/+ R) disc.

Other than that I found the PQ on the ES-10 recordings excellent. On a suggestion from another forum I gave the "FR" mode (flexable recording) a shot last night recording Seabiscuit. I picked Seabiscuit since there's allot of darks, some fast motion, and contrast of mixing colors like the scenes with the riders bright colored shirts against the browns and blacks of the horses. The reproduction was top notch as the blacks were blacks and edges were crisp and sharp. I used Maxwell DVD-R disc just to try I was more than pleased. I have to use the (-R) disc since (+R) won't play in our other players.I'm thinking of getting a 100pk of Fuji since it states these were made in Japan. It seems the other pks like the 25 and 50 are Taiwan. 

Please post what other findings you’ve got on this. There seems to be allot of interest about this Panasonic fromwhat I’ve seen on a couple of othet HT/Video forums.

Kenny J.


I haven’t got a RAM burner for the PC yet, waiting for the new LG to show up. There’s really only a few features that using RAM will ad, and I may not really use them so it’s not a priority.

I’ve been burning only -RW discs and transferring to the PC. The ES10 creates some rather odd navigation and menus that won’t copy with DVDShrink, so I use Decryptor to rip to HD, then use Shrink to re-author. There may be some sort of copy protection involved. I’ve found that for SD programming, the results of shrinking are more than adequate, but for HD programming, I don’t shrink cause I can see a slight advantage in PQ. So far, everything I’ve needed to record is 1 hr, so space is not an issue. SP would probably be fine for SD programs.

So I’m making some discs with 2 1 hr programs that I’ve shrunk to fit (about 65% compression) from XP mode recordings. The results are not perfect, but are more than adequate for your average non-action TV series.


rdgrimes, I use a Panasonic DMR-E85 that doesn’t burn DVD RW disc’s, but I have a Samsung TS-H352 DVD-ROM drive in my computer that reads DVD RAM an excellent drive and very reasonably priced.

With this I can transfer from hard disk or record directly onto the RAM disc. Then use it in my computer as a normal DVD (±RW & ±R) then re author using your favourite proggie and then burn it to any standard DVD via an NEC 3540 DVD burner. So no need for a RAM burner at all. :slight_smile:

It works great, and the RAM discs are also brilliant, a bit dearer than RW’s but you don’t really need many.


OK, big snag here.

There doesn’t seem to be any way to transfer the contents on a RAM disc to PC and re-author. The file system is wrong for all the authoring programs I’ve got.

There’s a “.VRO” file that plays like a MPEG in media players and the disc will play in PowerDVD.

Am I missing something?


Here are a couple of quick links
Hope it helps
Thanks Mike


Thanks for the links, I’ll check them out.

I was able to import the RAM video into TMPGEnc-Author and author a new DVD that way, but it is extremely slow. About 50 min for a 3.7GB title. I expect the slow RAM reading speeds contribute to that.

Might have to re-think using RAM for video recording, it’s faster to use RW, almost 2x as fast.


I tried another one, this time copying the VRO file to HD before running TMPGEnc-Author. This method seems faster, about 15 min to copy the file and maybe another 15 to do the authoring.


I have not checked in here lately. Is this working for you now, or are you back to using a RW disk?
Thanks Mike


I’m using a 5x RAM disc to record, then transferring to PC for re-authoring. TMPGEnc will author or recode the VRO files.


You need 16x DVD-RAM. :bigsmile:


I just picked up an ES10, the literature says that it records -R at 1x-8x and +R at 2.4x-8x. I guess most recordings from tv or vhs would be at 1x (real time),

  1. what does that mean for the +Rs if the lit say 2.4x?
  2. Also, does anyone have a suggestion for write speed from a DVR output?
  3. Does the ES10 “like” -Rs better than +Rs. I have a mess of 16x -Rs Verbs, hate to waste them on a real time recording. Might have to try to find some 4x media somewhere.
  4. One last thing :bigsmile: since I already have 2 burners on my 'puter, I was thinking of just getting a cheap dvd-rom or combo that reads DVD-Ram discs. Any suggestions?
  5. OK, I lied, one more thing, :rolleyes: I didn’t see TY as recommended media, any reason? I have about 150 8x +Rs. Thanks.


The manual is referring to the speed rating of the media supported. The recorder does everything at 1x. It appears to do quite well with all media. As you can see from mu previous posts, I do everything on DVDRW or RAM and transfer to PC for re-authoring.


Yes, that is what I’d like to do.


Well, with DVDRW, you will get traditional DVD-Video files than can be copied and run through any authoring program. With RAM, you will get one large “VRO” file than can be re-named “MPG” and run through any authoring program.
I like using my LG burner to read the RAM discs, then re-format them. I use 5x RAM discs, so the reading to HD is fairly quick. I have no idea what ROM drives will read RAM, or at what speeds.


All you have to do is rename the VRO files to MPG? That’s it? Sounds too easy. (I’m not doubting you, I’m just surprised… you know what they say about something that sounds too good…) :bigsmile:


One good way to find out. :wink: