New Padus DiscJuggler v3.00.777

I just posted the article New Padus DiscJuggler v3.00.777.

iMAGiNE used our newssubmit to tell us:

Without letting anyone know from their web page, the guys from Padus have the new DJ uploaded on their server since 22.03.2001. It was also released…

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btw: did not tested this myself…

MP|3 stick to your syndicate news … as always old news.

Well mister BilleGates, since u already seem to know everything could you explain this: The official site says: Version History: V3.00.762: Minor update (Padus website) We last reported about discjuggler on 14 march, and this was about version 766 I now report about version 777. This version is just released (yesterday) by ulysse. What do you mean old news? I think you better think before you react. This is the second time, you already wanted to bring us down saying our news is ‘old’ (on the nero topic sunday), and this also was NOT old news. I like it if people react on out newsitems, but u just seem to dislike everything except syndicate (I quote from the onyx newsposting: ““they fucking fucking fucking RULE!! they rule so fucking big that they fucking rule more than any fucking other cd on the market””… Perhaps the one who need more fucking is you? (And btw… my last posting about syndicate was on 19/10/2000… so where are you talking about anyway???) We do check our sources… Thanks to all you people who do have something to say.

It’s WHAT are you talking about, not where…

“Mp3” you are right, you give us now information but some smart asses all ways will fuck all things up! I hope you will give us in future news! Keep on going!

ALL: Please don’t reply to BillieGates’ posts. It’s useless. BillieGates: Consider changing your nick to Billy Goat. :wink:

Why should he change his name? It’s perfect - Bill gates shoots his mouth off and chats crap and so does this Bill Gates. The other bill promises us a stable operating system and it never happens, this prick talks about all this OLD NEWS. Any moron who buys Warez CD’s is a stupid fuck. He’s obviously too stupid to be able to get the warez for free so he has to pay for it. Fuck him!

Sorry for my bad English, but I’ll give it a try. I want to react on Billie Gates and those who replied. It’s a shame that some people always have negative reactions on things. In Dutch we call this “Kansloze rukkers” I find it rather sick. What the bottom line is “This site rocks”. Keep up the good work guys.

Just like to say i have had my copy of DJ 3.00.777 for more than 2 weeks now and this news posting is late. Not that the info isn’t welcome, but all the same it is late (unless mine is patched to say 777 but i doubt it)