New P4 Northwood Temps - Need advice

I have just picked up a brand new unboxed P4 2.8ghz (SL6PF) northwood for my P4PE based system. It was going cheap and i could not resist (£28)

I originally had a P4 1.8A and managed to overclock it comfortably to just under 2.4ghz, by upping the FSB to132. I fitted a Zalman CNPS7000 Alu/cu to keep the noise down and with the fan running at 2000 rpm, i had idle of 43 and full load of 52°C, even in a warm bedroom.

No stability issues whatsoever. :slight_smile:

Since fitting the new processor, i now have idle of 49 and load can go as high as 63°C even with the Zalman fan cranked all the way up. I have re-seated the heatsink a few times just to be sure, although i am using a thremaltake “premium” silver paste as i have no AS5.

mobo temp is 35 to 38°C

Again, no stability issues.

Although its summer, i still think the temps are a little high for a northwood.

Do you agree?

I am sure i can squeeze more out of the cpu, as it will be a while before i can upgrade to a quicker system etc. Just trying to get the most out of my eqpt whilst keeping the noise down.

Temps are read via Sandra or Asus Probe.

I do like a quiet PC and have considered swapping my current HSF for a Thermalright XP-90. Would this perform better than the zalman, even at low revs?

Thanks in advance.

System Specs

P4 2.8, 533, 512
Asus P4PE
768mb PC2700 ram
Antec case and power supply (Truepower 330)
Leadtek GF6800 – 128mb
SB Live 5.1
2 x Maxtor 80gb hard drives
2 x 80mm case fans – 1 in, 1 out

Excellent price…I couldn’t have resisted that either…

That does sound a bit high…My 2.8 runs 31°C at idle and peaks at 55°C under load with the XP-90 (All P4 systems use the XP-90, an excellent cooler)

Difficult to say if there would be a difference, but as I mentioned, I use the XP-90 exclusively and have been very happy with the performance as well as the reduced sound level compared to the stock HSF. My advice would be to try it…

They do look on the high side. Same CPU & Cooler (although not 100% sure of the CPU Revision), I get around 40 idle and 55°C load temps at 1400RPM. This is on a MSI mobo, but still an indication. Not sure why it would be so much higher than your old setup. Is your mobo’s BIOS still the same (sometimes they change the temps in newer versions)?

Thanks so far. Tried with original bios & the latest available. There was no difference.

I have never had idle in the 30`s on this board, even with the 1.8 and stock cooler.

Could the thermal sensor be out?

Thermal sensors are not known for accuracy…
Have you considered swapping out the PS and getting one with a larger exhaust fan?

Antec PS is a twin fan Truepower. One fan larger than the other. Only spins at about 1500rpm. Never feels that hot. Best PS i have ever owned. Voltages are rock solid.

Also, rear case fan is just under the power supply. 80mm. I seem to have planty of airflow through the case

What’s your room temperature?
My Truepower 550 PS fan is showing 1200 RPM on the 3.2E and a CPU temperature of 42°C…And it’s a Prescott…
Try playing with your fans and see if that helps…

Will do. One of the fans is on the side of the case. I will move it to the front. Beginning to wonder if i have some kind of “hotspot” in may case.

I may give the XP-90 a go as well. Its not that expensive and the Zalman i can put to another use.

I have a Northwood 3.2 C with the Zalman 7700 (all copper) and under extreme load I have never seen 50 degrees on this CPU, max is about 45 and idle is around 25 to 27 degrees. I have two 120mm case cooling fans one in front and one in back. If you don’t succeed in getting the temps down you can try reseating again. Trick is to use a thin even layer of thermal paste and make sure it has no voids as they will/can cause high temps. Good luck.
P.S. My Zalman is running just below 2600 RPM and it is not noisey at all.:wink:

So let me se if I’ve got this right…You have a refrigerator large enough to get you and your computer in… :bigsmile:

LOL. You forgot that I need room for the beer.:bigsmile:


Your 12V reading is scary! Does PC Probe report the same values?

No it reports normal values.:wink: I actually just upgraded PC wizard so maybe I will go back one version.:stuck_out_tongue:

crossg’s cooler

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