New p4 for video and game



hey, i’m upgrading my computer and i have about 270 dollars to upgrade the processor , ram and mainboard. So i’m thinking of getting a p4 with 2.66 ghz speed and 533 fsb and intel 865 gbf motherboard with 256 MB ddr 266 memory. i’ll be using the computer for video encoding like dvd to divx as well as games. How long do u think will take it to encode a 2 hr dvd movie to divx with standard settings( i just want rough figures ). i also like to play latest games like hl2 and doom 3. Is my system fast enough? i know that playing games depends more upon the graphics card but i just wanna know if this setup is fast enough for supporting latest and upcoming games. i’ll be upgrading my graphics card later on. Or do u think i can get my hands on the new intel chipset and processor( i e socket 775) with 270 dollars? How much is the performance gained using the new intel 915 chipset from the older 865 chipsets?


Much better choice although I highly suggest that you get 512Mb, I doubt HL2 and D3 is even playable with 256Mb.


the intel 865pe supports 800mhz fsb, so you are way better off to go with the 2.4ghz ht with 800mhz fsb than the p4 2.66, plus you can overclock the heck out of them. the 915 chipset support pci-express so they will be more futureproof than the older 865pe, but will also be more money, more than $270.00.


2.4© for overclocking the heck out of.

P4 is still noticable slower…


I like the 2.4c and 865/875 chipset (clock it)… If you do AMD, take a pass on that nasty SIS chipset…


I think that goes for all platforms.

Sorry Dizzy :wink:


Find a review where the conclusion is SiS755’s chipset sucks, it’s the opposite.
And yes, they did suck back in the Socket 7 days (more than 4 years ago) but things have changed drasticly.

For that matter, their Socket A chipsets are known to be very reliable even though they only hit budget mainboards. They are also very nice for P4.
So what’s your source? Don’t just spew out bull…
It’s the same Foxconn mainboard in the reviews as on newegg despite the name.


Yes, the performance of SiS chipsets has become better, that’s true. But, the compatability of the chipset isn’t all that good. Especially somewhat older PCI cards of less known brands seem to give problems on some SiS boards. Those cards do work fine with Via, NVidia and Intel chipsets though.

Recently I’ve experienced this twice (PCI SCSI card for a scanner and some cheap PCI TV card) and I’ve read some other experiences as well.

My conclusion is that SiS chipsets are fine for people that either don’t care too much about their PC, people that don’t have too much money to spend or for those who do care but don’t use lots of hardware.

My personal opinion is that a SiS-based board can’t garantee as good compatibilty as the Via, Intel and NVidia do.


Now you’re just talking bull, compatibility is fine (and even better than VIA when it comes to Socket A). FYI VIA have serious issues on Socket A for instance but I guess you’ve forgotten all about those quirks, PCI Latency issues (visit any audio forum), extremely bad PCI bus performance, data corruption, poor ethernet controllers etc.
TV Cards works flawlessy, I can surely tell you that. nVidia has design flaws (Soundstorm quirks for instance) and they still haven’t fixed the IDE driver (it’s been years since the chipset was released) for nForce2. SiS have none of these issues…
They are very good, despite your grudge for some odd reason.
Feel free to link to these compatibility issues.


Personal experience. :wink:

And we are quite familar with the fact that anyone that doesn’t agree with you is "spewing out bull…


Hmm those VIA problems were a long time ago… nowadays VIA chipsets are just fine. I’m running 3 VIA-based systems nowadays and they all work perfect, even the ones with a bug (KT133a and KT266m).

I don’t know what’s wrong with the NVidia soundstorm. I’ve used mine for over 2 years and it never lets me down. Soundquality is good, driver support is good, not a single prob there. I think that Soundstorm still beats any other onboard soundcard.
The IDE driver is a nasty thing. But, not installing it keeps the problem away. Same goes for Intel with their IAA (IDE driver): not installing it gives you great performance and no troubles.

SiS doesn’t have these problems? Maybe not, but it has problems of it’s own. I’ve had too many bad experiences with this brand. That’s not a grudge, that’s experience.

You want links? Well google for it and my guess is you will find more than enough. Otherwhise, phone my nephew and ask how happy he is with his SiS 755 based system. Or my friend with his SiS 655 based board.

I have a SiS 650 based system (laptop) and I don’t like it. Especially the onboard VGA and sound is absolutely worthless.

Let’s not make this a “flame-a-chipset-brand” thread. I guess the topicstarter now knows our opinions on the brands so he can decide for himself (or ask us for more info) what to do.


You know, VIA chipsets are a pain to work. Play around with a TV-card and you’ll notice the horror (even with never chipset). The soundstorm had several revisions, older versions had hardware issues ( for more information). As for links, I did actually do that and found a few “related” pages out of 10 “google” pages. - This one is old, even when it comes to VIA and ALI (now known as ULI). - User error most likely - Old blows away dust
That’s nothing, if you google about via for instance you’ll find tons of stuff.
By the way, the chip has nothing to do with your audio, at least read up on what you have :slight_smile:
It’s quite funny though, you have “bad experiences” but it’s quite funny though. I have several ones at one and all work fine and no issues at all with compatibility…


Ok, let’s cut through the bull here.

SiS for Socket A is probably the MOST STABLE chipset out there, but performance… not so much. Maybe this is due to the fact that they only ever put them on budget boards. But I’ve never had a SINGLE problem with SiS 745/746/748 chipsets. The 735 was great because it did the “multiple memory busses” thing so you could use different kinds of RAM.

SiS for P4 is pretty darn good for standard P4. I don’t know about LLC, but for regular P4’s SiS chipsets smacked all over Intel.

NOWADAYS? It’s nForce and Intel for AMD and Intel, respectively.

I won’t touch a VIA chipset. Ever.