New p2p applications

I’ve been using Kazaa Lite and WinMX now for a good 2-3 years as my main p2p clients (never used Bittorrent).

Anyway, having recently heard about the shutting down of WinMX, are there any other up and coming p2p programs out there worth downloading?

Obviously, they’d have to be spyware/malware/adware-free.

I’ve heard about a new program named “Frostwire” and I’ve also heard about Ares.

Would you recommend the above two p2p programs or are there any other p2p programs you’d recommend?

I used to use WinMX a looooong time ago, but now I prefer SoulSeek :slight_smile:

You could try eMule it connects to the ed2k network and is adware and spyware free. The official site ends in .net and the programme is free avaid any that expect you to pay.

FTP’s > BT > p2p… If you want to be a true warez0r, get into bt. Its much better imo to downlaod whole albums rather than just single songs.

@Arachne: is Soulseek spyware and adware-free?

@JayC30: I’m sure I heard that eMule had some hidden spyware that comes with it.

@JonnyBaker: I’ll pass on BitTorrent thank you very much. I saw an article the other day about a guy who downloaded movies through BitTorrent and the film companies sued the pants off of him.

have i got this right? a kazaa/winmx user telling us he’s scared of using bit torrent because of legal implications :confused: :o :doh:

My thoughts exactly. p2p progs are the easiest way to get caught. Also, the article you read probably entailed someone you downloaded movies off a PUBLIC bt site, not a PRIVATE one. It really pisses me off when people don’t understand that not all warez is public, and that most of the good stuff comes from private topsites, newsgroups and BT trackers that are basically totally anonymous and are extremely secure.

Come on, ive been downloading warez for over 5 years now, and I have never been given a caution or warning. You know why? - Im not stupid!, Don’t download from p2p progs such as Limewire etc, and stick to the sources that give you the proper scene release - not jsut some rls from this fat guy in Romania who doesn’t understand the ‘warez etiquette’ when it comes to raring files and pre’ing.

Seriously dude, that statement you made before was so ironic. P2P progs is for noobs who don’t know how to get fast, proper releases. Seriously, join BT and you’ll never go back.

Ok then, fine.

I can give BitTorrent another go.

But let me warn you, I tried configuring it before and I couldn’t get it to work. My broadband connection comes through a router. Therein lies the problem. Thus, I’ve never managed to get a single torrent to actually start downloading the file.

And I don’t understand all this “seeds” and “leechers” malarky. Is there a site or a tutorial out there that actually explains what it all means?

Nope the official client and mods that appear on eMules’ forum are spyware free. eDonkey, different client, does have spyware in its’ free version but not in its’ paid for version. Which is undertandable as MM is a business and needs to make money. I know the eDonkey client is on its’ way out but it is still avaialbe.

Whoops, forgot about this thread :o …yep, it is ad- and spy-ware free - at least, I’ve been using it for the past 4 versions or so, and I haven’t noticed any with it! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m having a look at SoulSeek on and a lot of the user reviews there are saying it’s a p2p application mainly for mp3 downloads.

Are there any good p2p applications that offer video, audio and software downloads?

Ofcourse you are talking about demos aren’t you? (Read the rules before answering)

Bit torrent is good for the latest but don’t expect to find it a month later and the ed2k network tends to be good for variety and longevity of a file.

Yes, I am.

I can never get BitTorrent to work. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to be configuring it as my connection comes through a router.

You need to forward the ports BT uses to your router this allows unrestricted access to the line for whichever BT client you use. Instructions on how to do this should be in the manual. If you don’t have it you can try the manufacturers’ website to see if there is a odwnloadable version or if there are any instructions there. This will also help with eMule if you decide to use it for a wider variety of older stuff. You can still download with eMule with a low ID but it is better with a high.

I can’t tell you about getting a BT client to work as I have never been able to andI am on a standard modem no need to forward ports. But hey I am happy with my mule so didn’t look too much into it.

As to seeders and leechers, a seeder, to my knowledge, is a person with the complete file a leecher will be you to start with as you will be downloading with nothing to upload of that file to start with but as you get parts you will upload it and so stop being a leecher.

Yeah, sorry - I should have mentioned the mainly-mp3 thing. :o

As a matter of interest, which brand and model # of router do you use?

Most routers have a fairly straight forward interface to configure the forwarding of incoming ports, so if I can get hold of the brand and model # of your router, I may be able to guide you through how to configure its NAT to map incoming connections.

If you would like to try yourself:

First you need to get your PC’s IP address. A simply way to do this is to click start -> Run, type in “cmd” into the ‘Open:’ field and click ‘OK’. Type “ipconfig” into the black command prompt window that appears and press enter. In the information displayed, look for 'IP Address . . . '. The group of digits separated with dots on this line is your PC’s IP address. The default Gateway IP address is the IP address of your router as well as its web interface. You can close the command prompt window by either clicking the ‘X’ or typing in “exit” and pressing enter.

To access your router’s web interface, bring up a browser Window and type in 'http://(Gateway IP address)" and press enter. For example if your Gateway IP address is, type in “” into the address field and press enter to bring up the Router’s web interface. While a few routers such as some Netopia models don’t ask for a password, the majority of them require at least their default username and password to get in. If you don’t have your user manual handy, browse to the following site to see if it lists the default login details for your router:

Once in, look for a NAT, Virtual Server or Firewall section. For D-Link routers which have both Virtual Server and Firewall menu’s, go into the Virtual Server menu. Then set up a new rule to allow an incoming connection with the TCP port range of 6881 to 6889 to your PC’s IP address and save this rule. If all goes well, your BitTorrent client should be able to start accept incoming connections. :wink:

My router is an Origo ASR-8400.

It’s exactly the same as this one:

I think the gateway address you’re talking about is but I really can’t make out what I’m supposed to be doing.


anyone who disses BT simply because they don’t know how to install, configure and LEARN about a protocol shouldn’t be on it anyway…

While I cannot find a user manual for your router to go by, based on what I’ve read about, the following steps should help: :slight_smile:

[li]Bring up a new browser window and go to the address (or even just click on this link). :stuck_out_tongue: If you get asked for login details on this or the next step, the default username is ‘admin’ and password is ‘epicrouter’ for your model from what I’ve come across.
[/li][li]Click the ‘Advanced Setup’ button and once the initial configuration page displays, click the ‘Virtual Server’ link within the ‘Configuration’ section in the left menu.
[/li][li]Once the Virtual Server Configuration screen appears, for ID 1, enter 6881 into the ‘Public Port - Start’ field, 6889 into the ‘Public Port - End’ field and 6881 into the ‘Private Port’ field. Tick ‘TCP’, enter your PC’s IP address into the ‘Host IP Address’ field and then click the ‘Add This Setting’ button.
[/li][li]In the ‘Configuration’ section in the left menu, click ‘Save Settings / Reboot’ and on the next screen, click ‘Save and Reboot’. Give a moment for it to reboot. From what I’ve read about, some even recommend unplugging it for a moment after this to do a full reboot. :wink:

BitTorrent is still by far the best p2p application around.