New owner of a LH-20A1H needs some tips

Hi All,

Relative newbie in ways here and have been pointed to this thread by Arachne, as I have in the past few days taken ownership and installed a new LiteOn drive and the latest settings are as follows;

Drive Manufacturer: LITE-ON
Drive Model: DVDRW LH-20A1H
Drive Firmware Version: DVDRW LH20A1H LL0A 136
Driver Version:

Although I had installed as directed by Nero a download from their site which was the version, I then not long after stumbled across the very latest and official LS release which now sits on my system of so all is well there.

I would like to know exactly what and how I go about tweaking my drive for better performance etc (Something I have only just really bothered to look in to much to my dismay learning all there is to know apart from just plonking a standard drive off the retail shelf into your system) lol

Am I best just downloading the latest version of SmartBurn which if I understand my many hours reading these forums the past few days, this is a seperate utility and not actually FirmWare and therefore would leave my manufacturer FW still intact for now :confused:

Also if the above is the case, at one point does one choose to actually utilise and put in place user generated FW versions for our drives and also as there is always warnings about it invalidating our warranties, can anyone shed any extra light on how risky it actually is of screwing a brand new bought drive :confused:

I look forward as with my previous posts here since joining, to your advise, help and general support to a newbie.

Thanks All :bigsmile:

P.S. If anybody has any knowledge about my posts with Arachne on a slightly different note Thread Here and Page 114 onwards, it would be massively appreciated, if anybody could shed any light on one of my drives tray problems. :bow:

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Hi and welcome to CD Freaks,

I have split off your post to a seperate thread since your question defenitely deserves a own thread ;). Regarding your qestions, I hope to find some time to answer your questions a bit later ;).

Thanks H3rB3i :wink:

I do believe some of it does have the relevance to needing help regards the SmartBurn programme, which is why I ended up on the previous thread, from the previous one to that on another when pointed to the Smart Burn one by Arachne lol.

I look forward to people’s advice and feedback.


Hehe ooops, my fault - I meant that was where you could find the test version of SmartBurn :wink:

I agree with H3rB3i, you needed your own thread (then advice for you wouldn’t get mixed up with general SmartBurn talk). :slight_smile:

Yep, download SmartBurn v3.1.16t from the other thread, that has stuff like Online Hypertuning and Force Hypertuning in it…which parts you enable/disable will depend on what you prefer, or what settings produce best burns…bit of experimenting needed :wink:

No, it’s a seperate utility from your firmware, your firmware version will stay the same unless you choose to flash to a newer version when it’s available.

As for risks of flashing any firmware…two that I can think of off the top of my head (there may be more) are…make sure there’s no chance of power outage when you flash, and make sure you flash the right drive if you have more than one! Oh, another is that I like to make sure there’s no disc in the drive when flashing. :wink:

By “user generated firmware”, I assume you mean modified firmware (like CodeKing’s etc)? All I can suggest there is read the descriptions of the various firmwares and decide whether the enhancements mentioned there are for you.

I could probably go into more detail on specific parts of the post, but I decided to attack most of it, thus my answers are quite short :bigsmile:

Thanks Arachne,

Welcome to my world haha… Anyways cheers for the great information above and to date, I am sure battling through everything bit by bit as I learn new things that keep the headache tablet’s at the ready! :doh:

I have seen a good few tutorial’s about burning speed’s, but my m8 seems to be getting away with maximum and still good quality I haven’t a clue, as all Tut’s mentioned approx 4x or 6x at maximum.

Maybe someone here can state that as he is burning KVCD’s and I am taking .avi’s and burning them to normal DVD’s and we both use Nero 7, KVCD’s can be burnt at max speed with no adverse effect, where as I definitely should only burn at 6x max?

Again it mentions in the Tut’s that it creates audio sync problems on the final DVD when complete if the burn speed is set too high, so I guess as I am having to burn all my .avi’s to full DVD format, I am stuck with an average process of 2hrs 5mins per flik of an avg 700mb .avi file… who said it was easy!!! :Z:eek::frowning:

Please someone tell me that it doesn’t have to take me the above time to burn a solitary flik and I am missing something somewhere that can at least get me to say 10x or 12x :confused:


Hehe…I never convert from .avi’s, but I do backup my original discs with stuff like Shrink or DVDFab Platinum at 8x/12x.

I’m pretty sure my neighbour who converts to DVD from .avi all the time uses “decent” speeds (8x, 12x) though (I can double check for you)…so you might wanna give that a go, you can only lose a disc or two experimenting, right?