New Optorite Drive not reading burnt disks

Hi there,
I recently purchased a new optorite dvd burner and as for burning it seems fine, but for some strange reason it will not read a burnt dvd, I have an LG DVD combo that I use to read the source disk and the optorite for the burn and it is ok.
I have tried this drive in three differnt computers and also in a external usb 2.0 drive caddy with the same results.

The firmware is 107E and the web site only offers 105E and 106E which tels me that I have the latest firmware.

The drive reads oem disks just fine which really makes me suspicious as to the quality and ability of this drive…

Any ideas welcome and much apreciated…

I tried the seach feature but it would return an error page each time including the advanced search… :slight_smile:

Regards: Brettski…

don’t waste another second troubleshooting. i had similar issue with Optorite DD0401. they are not good dvd drives. send it back