New option in AnyDVD

It would be nice if, I could add analog macrovision to my Non-protected DVDs
I have a wedding on DVD and would be nice if I can protect it with Macrovision. Example: I copy the DVD with anyDVD and 1click dvd copy and,
AnyDVD adds macrovision to it :). So my friends cant copy my DVD using analog macrovision.

I have a wedding on DVD and would be nice if I can protect it with Macrovision. Example: I copy the DVD with anyDVD and 1click dvd copy and,
AnyDVD adds macrovision to it :). So my friends cant copy my DVD using analog macrovision.[/QUOTE]

AnyDVD adds macrovision to it- Ain’t gonna happen

So my friends cant copy my DVD - They can’t be friends if you think that lowly of them.

Is there a program that can add macrovision to non-protected DVDs?

Yea, here ya go!!!

LOL :slight_smile:

If I remember right, Adobe Encore can add protection, but it is expensive. By the way, if your friends have AnyDVD, it won’t matter anyway.

Why would you care if your friends are copying to VHS? Why would your friends copy your wedding video to VHS? They could do more damage to you with the DVD (photoshop’ing screenshots).

Maybe you should send me a DVD and I’ll see if I can add Macrovision… :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have to worry about you friends its time for some new friends.

Unless you ment to give your friends your wedding video and gave them honeymoon one by mistake :bigsmile:

dvd manufactures PAY for the rights to have it enabled in the dvd player.

SO anydvd disables the protection. Can you imagine what happened if it enabled it on any dvd. Macrovison would be on them like nothing on earth.

I will pay up to 150 bucks if AnyDVD add this feature to the program.
The feature is: add Macrovision on non-protected DVD backups.

It seems to be an obsession with macrovision and a paranoia with friends.

Sounds like propaganda to me… “Look into my eyes… You want Macrovision… Put Macrovision on your DVD’s for no apparent reason…”

The funny thing is, no one has said why they’d want it. I would love if it were a feature, but I have absolutely no reason to use it.

I think you want this feature for something other than what you stated.

Maybe starting a legal battle - AnyDVD violating Macrovision’s patent?
(We all remember 321Studios, do we?)

@ Macrovision3500,

I believe you are barking up the wrong tree. The very purpose of the AnyDVD software program is to remove copy protection (Macrovision). Why would SlySoft even consider adding something (Macrovision) that they are trying to remove?

Something doesn’t jive with your original posting in this thread. You state you have a wedding on DVD and use AnyDVD in conjunction with 1Click DVD Copy to make a copy. The only reason you would need to use AnyDVD with 1Click DVD Copy to copy this wedding DVD would be to remove the copy protection on the DVD. How did this wedding DVD get copy protection added to it? If the wedding DVD already has copy protection why would you need to add additional copy protection. As stated before something just doesn’t jive with your original posting.

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I don’t think you read the original post correctly, it did not say the wedding DVD had copy protection, he just wants to add it.

It’s all nonsense anyways, the entire story as well as his credibility, that went right down the toilet when he offered to pay 150.00 Slysoft to add the feature.

heY StOOpid, stop with this nonsense, plus it will probably cost you $5000 to encrpyt 10 dvd, if you are so afraid, DON’T GIVE IT TO YOUR FRIENDS!!!

What a waste of bandwith.


just set the macrovision flag on your dvd…a version of IFOEdit does this…forget which version, but one does as I have tried this for fun…macrovision is not on your DVD…it is just a bit that is set…when you player sees the bit it outputs it as well…when you VCR sees it it scrables the video…it is the VCR that has the macrovision on it…when it sees the bit is messes your video up…it is not on the DVD as a separate program. The macrovision flag is actually stored in the VOB files, since not all of the disc’s content is necessarily macrovision encoded.


found it…it is version 96b4…and yes you can add it yourself…simple really:


With VOBEdit change the addredd H0031 of every Navigation Pack you have in your VOB files. Setting are as follow:
16384 (H4000) —> Macrovision Type1
32768 (H8000) —> Macrovision Type2
49152 (Hc000) —> Macrovision Type3


type 0 - APS is off
type 1 - APS is on
type 2 - APS is on for NTSC
type 3 - APS is on for NTSC

note dvd spec says need CSS to have macrovision…but most players will accept just macrovision.

Are you sure?