New optical drive suggestions



My heart is almost 100% set on the drive below but i thought id come here for some wisdom :smiley: might change my mind ya never know :slight_smile:

Anyhow im giving my partner my current pc im on the lookout for a new optical drive, i’ve always been a great fan of LiteOn drives,
i’ve never had a single problem with one of there drive since i’ve been using them so i would prefer to get another one if possible.

The only one that looks interesting at the moment is the current new 20x one from LiteOn here, LA20A1P so unless anyone can
persuade me to buy something else for whatever reason then i think im going to go ahear and buy that one from


That Litey definitely seems nice from what I’ve seen in the scans threads. :iagree:

Either that or the Samsung SH-S182D would be good. :slight_smile: