New Optiarc AD-7190A DVD-RW read and burns very slow



i just recently purchased this Optiarc AD-7190A DVD-RW Burner and it read and burns at an extremely slow rate. probably at 1X. i know about the DMA and i have played with that but i can’t change one of the controller to change from PIO without doing a force using a dell utility. anyway, that shouldn’t cause it to run this slow, like i said 1X or so. and while it’s burning or even just reading, it lags up the computer extremely. any help in troubleshooting this is appreciated.


Yes this would be caused if your pc’s channel is in PIO mode you need to switch to DMA or you will have these exact symptoms.

BTW: Personally I don’t like this burner unless you flash to liteon because this is not a nec burner


so what’s the solution?


You could perhaps check your BIOS settings on the PC and make sure anything connected to the P.ATA interface is set to use DMA. Another solution is to update the mainboard drivers. You didn’t mention which mainboard you have or which chipset is used.


help people! any other suggestions are welcomed. it’s taking over 40minutes to burn a dvd as before it was under 5 minutes on my old nec. i’ve used nero disk speed and it comfirms that i’ve been burning at only 1.37x. what can i do to find out what my proble is? this is a second repacement drive so i’m assuming it’s not the drive at fault and maybe a driver software problem. thanks for reading.


Use better ide cables.