New Opteron & Nero Stopped Working

I’ve used Sony CD-RW 1X, 2X, 4X media for well over a year with my BenQ1640 and my old Athlon 1333.

But I just built a new system, which includes an Opteron 165 and 2 X1 Gbyte G.Skill RAM and now suddenly I can’t burn anything to the Sony’s w3ithout them failing.

I love this media, it never fails for me. Now it won’t do a thing. My conclusion is somehow the new computer is the cause. Maybe the fact that the CPU is dual-core.

Is this a “known issue”, & if so what’s the cure ?

One “odd symptom” is that prior to burning, Nero ( only presents two speeds to burn “16X” & “24X” both of which are too fast for this media. Why won’t Nero allow me to select a slower speed ?

Thanks in advance,


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