New Oppo BDP-80 BluRay Player

Word has leaked out about the newest BD player from Oppo. Details can be seen on the Oppo site, the pages are not yet public.

Rumor is that it will be officially released and available for order on Monday, 1/25/10.

Thanks for the heads up. :slight_smile:

I was following discussions that were taking place on twitter and the talk of a cheaper blu-ray player. It is what I would of expected for specs. It will be interesting to see how well this player will do.


I wonder how much Lexicon will charge for this one?

Cambridge already has a clone of the same player available for $900. The differences, if any, are not yet known.

Well if finances pick up and it’s not any worse then my Panasonic BD-10a at playing BD disks it might be worth picking up so I can loose a couple boxes off my shelf.
I have a HD-DVD player, the Panny, and a Denon 758 universal DVD/SACD/DVD audio player now to cover all formats.
The Denon seems to be my best DVD player and the High res audio formats can sound stunning, provided you can find any of either format to buy these days.
Unfortunately it was a Circuit City demo I got for a great price but the drive is noisy and sounds unbalanced when playing any disk even though it does still play them perfectly. In fact the Panny was a demo as well but it has always worked like new.
It’s too bad they dropped HD-DVD from their specs for their super player right after the war ended or it be perfect for all my formats.

[QUOTE=olyteddy;2488474]I wonder how much Lexicon will charge for this one?[/QUOTE]

Yo olyteddy-

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Gonna depend on the extent of their gall - and the size of their balls-eh!!