New on this site

:bow: Hello all, I am new here and it seems a bit overwhelming, with all the threads to catch up on. I want to find out about DVD cloning etc and 24 bit 96K recording audio software for DVD’s. I read that the software to make super audio CD’s(I have a home digital recording studio, RME hammerfall multiface and Cakewalk Sonar XP and decent mikes, mixers, etc.) I want to produce our own music CD’s but want to explore the possibility of authoring super audio too, I record 24 bit, 96K which I have to truncate to 16 bit for CD’s but want to get out recordings with the full capabilities of my system. I have an NEC ND1100A DVD+ burner(havent actually installed it yet) and saw one report that it was Mount Ranier compatable, would like to know if someone has a report on that. I know some drives say MR but you have to get a flash upgrade to actually do it. Thanks everyone.


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