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Now posted on the LiteOn site is information about:

LVW-1101 GHC+ (like the LVW-1101 Mini with DivX playback added) [+R/RW only]
LVW-1105 HC+ (like the LVW-5005 but Mini with DivX playback added) [All Write]
LVW-5115 GHC+ (like the LVW-5006 with DivX playback added) [All Wtite]

Also manuals for the LVW-5005X, LVW-5005XS

LVW-5005XS US (much like LVW-5104) {mono} [All Write]
LVW-5005X US (new style front panel and remote, much like a LIO 04) {mono} [All Write]

New for 4th Quater 5005 UK

LVW-1105GHC (looks like LVW-1101 GHC+ and LVW-1105 HC+)

LVW-5055GHC (looks like LVW-5115 GHC+)

LVW-5115GHC (nothing from LiteOn site about this yet)

New for US

Lite-On’s new LVW-5115 is one of the most cost-effective (priced under $170) feature-laden DVD recorders in its class. Of all the features and functions offered by the new DVD recorder, the most exciting feature is its DivX Certified software, allowing users to playback video files downloaded off the Internet on their TVs at near DVD quality. Consumers simply burn streaming video from the Internet onto a disc and watch it on their big screen TVs.

The LVW-5115 also features Lite-On’s “Easy Guider 2” menu system to easily Play, Record and Dub and pre-schedule recordings, along with some features typically found only in DVD recorders costing more than $400, including Dual-Format recording, VCR+ Plus, DV Link and Progressive Scan.

The LVW-5115 is a Dual Format recorder capable of recording to all DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW or CD-R/RW disc. This is an enormous benefit to consumers who are confused about which disc media to buy at retail.

The LVW-5115 is also equipped with 480p progressive scan for sharp video images , and users can select HQ mode for maximum recording quality (1 hour recording time on DVD or SLP mode for up to 6 hours of recording time on DVD.)

The recorder’s built in DV Link (IEEE 1394) provides superior digital input for high quality DV recording and video transfer onto DVD discs.

The Lite-On LVW-5115 DVD recorder will be available in November for $169.99.

The 1105…

Now that’s something.

I liked the looks and size of the 1101, but it only recording on + discs was a bad thing.

Now, with the 1105…

Why am I even thinking about this?

I’ve barely used my 5006! LOL! :bigsmile:

NNW = New Now Wow