New old Plextors (or should that be old new Plextors?)

I have no idea how, but Tiger Direct seems to have found a hidden stash of new in the box older Plextor models (708A, 708UF and 712UF). I’d grab a 712UF myself if I hadn’t gotten one earlier this year for more than 2x what Tiger Direct is selling them for :sad:

I beleive that Tiger is the official reseller of Plextor refurb products.

True, TD is an officiall reseller of refurb Plextors, but where’d they find these new in the box ones with 12 month manuf warranty :confused:

Plextor probably found them in the deep dark recesses of their warehouse and dumped them. They are so old that to wait any longer might mean that they would never sell. Who would want a 8x drive if Lite-On is going to sell 20x drives for the same price or less?

How does the 712UF compare to the 716? I have a 716 that actually has been really good, but I’ve heard the 712 is “even better”. I’m just wondering if it is still a decent burner/scanner for newer media? (I almost wouldn’t mind getting one as a ripper/Plextools scanner, if it’s as good/fast as the 716 is at ripping) Is the 712UF a more consistent model than the 716, where it was a bit of a crapshoot?

(there are a couple 716UF colour choices that are fairly cheap too)

The price is pretty good… Tiger is an awesome place to find good deals on Plextors, I got my second Premium from them at the very end of its life, only a 90 day warranty as it was “refurbished” but just came in a plain brown box, and looked absolutely pristine. I have a feeling they were just clearing out OEM stock…

Keep in mind that the Plextor PX-712 drive doesn’t burn any double or dual layer media!

I’m still happy with my Plextor PX-712A drive and I would strongly consider getting a spare PX-712 if they were available at a reasonable price were I live (but they’re not).

On 712 vs 716:
In my experience, the 712 is better at overspeeding 8x DVD+R media (MCC003, YUDEN000T02, MAXELL002, etc) to 12x than the 716, whereas the 716 has the edge with 8x DVD-R burning. Also, 712 drives seem to have a better record of not dying early based on posts I’ve seen here on the Plextor forum. I think it’s irrelevant now; TD must have had VERY limited stock of the 712UF as the listing is gone.

Although the 712 does not burn DL media but it rips them at 12x!! One of the fastest DL rippers.

That’s not a problem for most people! Not may people use double or dual layer media anyway and most people have more then 1 burner and if they want to burn any double or dual layer media they can always use one of there other drives. :iagree: