New Ogg Vorbis codec to replace MP3?

I just posted the article New Ogg Vorbis codec to replace MP3 ?.

Shaun used our newssubmit to tell us about an old, still rather unknown, audio encoder called Ogg Vorbis:

Ogg Vorbis is a new way of encoding music digitally. Though, not as popular as an…

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there is a out_vorbis plugin for Winamp to. And East CD-DA Extractor supports on the fly CD>Ogg.

Are you kidding me? has a very old encoder (beta4). Go to to get the latest encoder (RC3) and you’ll be surprised by the quality at 128kbps. Use “-q 4,99” to get this bitrate. Also, go to to get lots of programs for OGG

It may be old but I never heard of it before :wink:

No thanks. I have a portable mp3 player, they don’t make porable ogg players. Hop on irc, let me know if you see a single music release group with ogg?!?! Hop on Morpheus. Find any ogg there!?! I’m not taking my 400 gigs of mp3 music and wasting my time converting it to ogg so I can be some pseudo-open source poser that thinks he can hear the difference between the files. Oh Oh wow I saved 0.5k per meg of mp3! Stupid. Get with the system.

fb-, stupid is not being able to see what the future has prepared for us, if u want to stick to that, that’s fine, but let the rest of us go forward, not backwards. BTW, my Iriver2 mp3 plyer will support OGG soon trough firmware update… soon will others and new ones will come, yuo’ll see.

This just is not possible! Ogg/vorbis a new encoder? You must be kidding! DoMiN8ToR even posted this ‘news’ 8 months ago!

Like I said SaTaN I never heard of the codec before. Thanks for pointing out though that it’s rather old. I’ve changed the newspost :slight_smile:

Molgaro, Another case of open source zealots trying to force their vision of the future on people rather than letting the market dictate what it wants. Just because groupthink believes it’s the latest and greatest doesn’t mean the world is going to take the time to care.

Is there any players NOW that support ogg? No? Didn’t think so. Will there be in the future?!?! Probably not. If you look at the availability and popularity of ogg files (I’m talking outside the /. open source groupthink world) almost nobody uses the codes and very few have heard of it. Ask just about anybody in the wired world if they have heard of mp3, they will say yes.

fb- OGG is free, unlike MP3, check for the pricelist. Serious Sam 2 uses ogg already, and soon lots of games and players will follow in their footsteps.

I use MP3 and OGG. I will eventually move over to OGG. I won’t re-encode all my MP3 files, because that is silly “fb-”, and defeats the whole purpose of good sounding small files. Here is an interesting item in the OGG FAQ: What unique features does Ogg Vorbis have? Vorbis has a well defined comment header that is easy to use and extensible and obviates the need for clunky hacks like ID3 tags. Vorbis has bitrate scaling - a feature that lets you adjust the bitrate of a Vorbis file or stream without reencoding; just chop the packets up in the sizes you want them. Vorbis files can be sliced and edited with sample granularity. Vorbis has support for many channels, not just 1 or 2. Vorbis files can be logically chained together.

SaTaN, Free?!?! You mean free like Lame is totally FREE and OPEN SOURCE?!?! Only people paying for mp3’s are the idiots licensing the Franuhoffer codec for their programs. MP3’s don’t cost a thing baby. Time to dispel that stupid myth.

OGG won’t go anywhere until you convince the majority of the planet, which already has mp3 players, mp3 rippers and encoders to switch all their hardware and software over to OGG. Not gonna happen guys. You can make all the ‘but but it’s open source and quality comments you want.’ Fact of the matter is, everybody knows how to make and deal with mp3’s. We are talking millions of people here. Audiophiles, that’s a different story. They aren’t going for OGG, they are SHN people all the way.

If I rip my CDs I only use Ogg Vorbis. It has better quality for the same bitrate. If my friends want me to rip a CD again I do it in Igg Vorbis. The started to think of Ogg Vorbis as something superiror in quality to MP3. And I like it for another thing, it is streamable and also supports multichannel encoding so I can encode DVD audio with multichannel support.

I’ve played with Ogg Vorbis before. I like the quality but there’s a few minor issues that keep me from switching. One is that until recently, there were no decent encoders with GUIs. This is only now beginning to change. Another is that I can’t burn directly to CD from OGG. I’m sure this is changing now too. Also, I have an MP3 player. It’s upgradable firmware may one day support OGG but not yet. And finally, I share MP3s with friends, many of whom aren’t computer nerds like myself. I don’t want to spend the time explaining it to them and showing them how to play them etc etc etc… OGG is clearly the superior format. In songs with lots of high frequencies, the difference is clear. But not enough to overcome all the issues I pointed out above. I think OGG has a real future but it’s going to take broad support and competetive implementation by lots of software developers before it shoves MP3 aside. If OGG gets broad support from multiple software developers (as seems likely so as to avoid ridiculous licensing terms for other formats) it has the potential to be king of the ring. If it remains the secret love of a small core of fanatics, it will go the way of Macintosh and will forever be a niche format slightly behind the times. I hope to see OGG prevail but there’s work left to do.

You guys must have bat ears. I don’t hear the difference. Of course I listen to my music in real life situations, not audiophile pseudo-wine sipping contests like yourselves.

New Ogg Vorbis codec to replace MP3? I don’t think so. Did you people hear about the MP3 Pro format yet? If you use Steinberg My MP3 3 Pro for example, you can encode CD’s in this format, and you CAN hear the difference! Second, MP3 Pro is compatible to the ‘old’ MP3 format, that means the software plays both formats. So, why switching to this not MP3-compatible format? I am encoding CDs in MP3 Pro format 160 kbs (equivalent quality to 320 kbs MP3 file) and it takes 50% less HD space. You can download the MP3 Pro Winamp plug-in and the free player here: Support the new MP3 Pro format, so we can still play the old format in the future!!! aLiEn :wink:

This is something like MS Windows versus Linux. Remember, years ago we didn’t have a real OS choice but now we do :wink: So there will be people stick to MP3 or even MP3 PRO, whatever. OGG/Vorbis is free so we should not ignore it. And at least we have a choice now: free world, free spirit and free choice of software :slight_smile:

Lets clear somethings out. fb, if you don’t let some ‘open source zealots’ let you introduce to higher quality for nothing, i’ll see how you handle when microsoft will (because they’ll do) make us eat .wma, not just audio, also video and tv. BTW fb, the portable ogg players do exist, here’s the first, Iomega’s HipZip. i bet there’ll be more. MP3 totally free?? Mmm… I invite you to read this: And i guess most of us have none bat ears or like that, just some quality equipment. But you don’t have to be rich, just pay attention what you hear and listen it, enjoy it.