New official FS07 firmware for LDW-411S and unofficial FS0B!

LDW-411S FS0B 10.28.2003

Official FS07:

And unofficial FS0B (thanks to max772 )

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By giving a more in-depth look at both firmwares you can find out that the build dates are:

FS07 - 2003/10/15 20:54
FS0B - 2003/10/27 21:10

Anyone that understand korean can give a look at the ‘unofficial’ FS0B fw distributor site and see if there’s more info about it?

LDW-411S FS0B firmware which It will be able to solve a media recognition problem and another problem.

If I have this DVD-RW, I execute this: UnOficial FS0B.EXE, While i running Windows XP, and The Firm of my Liteon LDW 411S will be Actuallyzaded??

I need it to can play with all my copies in my XboX?? Or can not play yet in xbox.

Im Spansih, sorry for my english.

I only had the DVD-RW to make copies to my XboX, but i cant play with this in my console now.

Originally posted by ToRRiJoN
[B]If I have this DVD-RW, I execute this: UnOficial FS0B.EXE, While i running Windows XP, and The Firm of my Liteon LDW 411S will be Actuallyzaded??


… YES, both FS07 and FS0B updating works fine, even under XP … just tried it :wink:

… the problem with your Xbox-copies !?? … sorry, I don’t know anything about this …

I read in other forums that when anybody made copys of media dvds, then in xbox cant play or dont undefinit de dvd in xbox.

or something about this, using this DVD-RW, perhaps i only have this DV-RW to copy ISOS of xbox to dvds and copy some dvd videos to view then in my homme dvd.

What type of dvd-rw i need buy??

Princo, Verbatin, Best-Buy, Philips…


Has anyone already made some media compatibility checks with these new firmwares?

I’ve tried a couple of burns with my MCC 01 RG20 media, and can honestly say I’m underwhelmed with FS07.

Not the quantum leap I was hoping for.


De momento utilizando la 411S no he oido de cualquier persona que haya conseguide grabar un DVD-R y hacer que funcione en un X-Box con un lector de Samsung. Tu eres la tercer persona que yo haya visto en los forums que ha reportado la problema con el lector Samsung. Tengo a tres amigos, dos de los cuales tienen X-Box con la Samsung y otro que tiene un Philllips. Lo que he grabado en el LiteOn no funciona en ningun X-Box con Samsung, pero si en el Phillips. Haceindo tests con reproductores de Video DVD, algunos no tienen problema, pero otros si.

Hasta ahora yo no he encontrado ningun media DVD-R que funcione, pero si funciona con media TDK DVD+RW. Estamos esperando que la nueva firmware de LiteOn pueda resolvar la problema. Esta noche voy a probar la firmware que salio hoy.


At the moment using a 411S I have not come across any report from any user who has managed to burn a DVD-R disk and get it to work with an X-Box that has a Samsung drive. You are the third person that I have seen on these forums who has reported a problem with the Samsung drive. I have three friends, two of which have X-Boxs with Samsung drives, and one other with a Phillips. What I have burnt with the LiteOn will not work in any X-Box with a Samsung reader, but it will work on the Phillips. Doing some tests with Video DVD Players, some of them work fine, but others do no.

To date, I have not found any DVD-R media which will work, but TDK DVD+RW does. We are waiting for the new firmware from LiteOn to resolve the problem. I will try the newly released firmware tonight.

will these flash’s work with a “;)411s” thats been mod’d ???

Ok, luego me cuentas, a ver que tal con los nuevos FIRMWARE, yo me he bajado estos dos por si me la compro pues ya tenerlos:

  • UnOficial FS0B LDW411S FW (28-10-2003)
  • Oficial DR4FS07 (28-10-2003)

Ya me cuentas luego las experiencias con ellos y con la XboX.

Es que la verdad es que me urge porque tengo el HD Full y necesito vaciarlo todo en DVDs. Queria saber si me recominedas despues de probar tu los Firm comprarme esa porque ya funcionan en las XboX con Samsung o por lo contrario sigue igual y me deberia de comprar la Pionner 106.

Tambien he ledio que va a Salir la:

Liteon LDW 811S DUAL 8x, sabes alguna fecha o precio??

Gracias por todo y un saludo

Tests are under way, but based on what I see right now, DO NOT use FS0B. :Z :Z :Z

Edit: Looks like the problem is that the firmware does NOT like marginal media, but excells with the good stuff. The following crappy burns are on one batch of media, other batches are WAY different with the new firmware.

Originally posted by rdgrimes
Tests are under way, but based on what I see right now, DO NOT use FS0B. :Z :Z :Z


Burned at 4x in FS0B:

Burned at 4x in FS02:

Scanning in different F/W gives the same results. (no difference in reading between F/W)

More test to follow later today.


Try again, maybe the media was bad.

BTW: Theoretically, the errors made by the firmware should be distributed well over the whole disc. If the concentration is to the inner or the outer region it is more a production problem like dye-thickness, nonflat-disc or other nice problems.

I know, And I see this a lot with the Ricoh DVD+R. Makes testing very frustrating sometimes. Not mention expensive. I always suspect tracking problems when I see the curve near the end.

Here’s the same batch of Ricoh burned in FS07 at 4x: