New official firmwares 1633S BS0k and 832S VS0E are out

New official firmwares for 1633S BS0k and 832S VS0E are out since 10/26/2004

Cool! Thanks ala42.

Not before time. I see the VS0E is dated 2004/09/29. I’ll post some unscrambled versions soon. :slight_smile:

Stock and crossflash unscrambled versions of VS0E are now on our site.

It has 215 media codes, which is two more than VS0B and is dated 2004/09/29.

thanks codeking

Stock and crossflash unscrambled versions of BS0K are now on our site.

It has 230 media codes, which is no more than BS0H and is dated 2004/10/12.

Let’s hope they have improved writing on DVD-R…

Lets hope they improved all writing :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

ty guys :slight_smile:

sorry, 1 question. I must erase my EEPROM before I can flash from BS0H to BS0K fw?

No, just run the BS0K exe file and the erase is done for you. :wink:

ty codeking :slight_smile:

it’s also valid if my BS0H is a patched version? (i Have patched my BS0H with Omnipatcher and strategies replacements 2-11, and auto BookType)

I run the new BS0K and all traces of my modded BS0H go away?

ty, and sorry for n00bish questions, this is my first experience in this forum :frowning:

Welcome. You will have to patch BS0K with the same patches you applied to BS0H, before you flash it to your drive. If you have already flashed your drive with BS0K then just patch the BS0K firmware with OP and then flash the drive again. You can flash the drive as many times as you like.

ty my friend :slight_smile:

I think your and other codeguys are making a simply great work.
I’m your fan :bow: :iagree:

Thx CK,

I guess CG4B (?) will be based on VS0E? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Does this mean if i flash with this new fw i will loose codekings imporved DVD+R writing?
What if i apply the recommended media tweaks?

Yes. Lets see how VS0E performs. I might even release a CG3E in the interim. :slight_smile:


your efforts are greatly appreciated, but I am sure you know that! :bow:

Can’t wait to see CG3E (or whatever you will call that one).

Keep it up (the good work :D)!

Yes. If you are currently using CG3B then flashing to this firmware will remove this.

The recommended tweaks is just strategy switching and speed hacks not the CGxx patch.

BookType utility was also updated to version 1.2.0 with ‘Write Now !’ feature.

There was a 14X between 10X and 16X
Burn Ricoh 8X with 12X (use Ritek G04 strategy) for 2.9G actual is 10.5X
Result was very good
Kprobe 1.1.29 at 8x max result
P1 average 0.88 with max 26
P0 average 0.013 with max 3

What is ‘Write Now’?