New official firmware GS0M and GSBA

Liteon has released these new firmware’s for the 451S and 851S stating that they match more media.

851S GS0M


Is (the also officially released f/w) VS0B the same which is floating around for a while now?

I’m pretty sure it will be. Liteon would change the version if they made any changes to the code after releasing it in a drive.

These firmwares were created about two months ago. Tsk, tsk, tsk, LiteOn…

Maybe the support from liteon was on vacation ? XD

Hey after flashing today i decided to do a couple burns. When I went into nero it would not allow me to set book type. is the version for nero.
Okay so i try kprobe and the LiteOn book setting utility both say F/W not supported and will not allow me to change the book setting. This is strange.

Yeah thats true. Nero removed LiteOn bittsetting support in their prog a time ago. I think after or something like that. Thats really annoying since in the change logs the most things are about bitsetting. We’ll have to wait this 2 months old firmware to be supported in K-Probe. Some guys are working really slow.

Hmm i thought that bitsetting disappeared is a bug so i use the bitsetting function from DVDinfoPro and it works.

Using the v1.06 booktype utility by lite on with blank 4x ricohjpnr01 it tells me it is unable to query the booktype setting and then in the error status box it says Maybe F/W not supported. This comes right after patching my LDW-451s with the official lite-on firmware updater.

Any ideas of what is going on?

run codeguys’ unscrambled firmware through omnipatcher

Same problem I have run into. I updated the firmware to GSBA on Thursday and low and behold I cannot change the book type in Nero, The LiteOn Booktype Changing Utility, or DVD Info Pro Current Version. In DVDInfo Pro when I attempt to change the booktype setting, the Ricoh Drive Booktype setting menu appears, not the LiteOn this is very strange.
I emailed LiteOn Tech support but I am not holding my breath for an answer any time soon :frowning:

add this to the registry to enable bitsetting within nero!

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ahead\Nero - Burning Rom\Recorder]

Thats good and all, but I was wondering if this was intentional on liteon’s part or just a mistake and they will hopefully quickly fix it. Im hoping for the latter. I was thinking of flashing back to the old firmware is there anything that I should be aware of, oh and any site that has the old firmware, I went to liteon’s site and I could only download GSBA with the no bit setting problem. I always thought that when you flashed to the most recent that you would not loose features. Its like a step backwards instead of forwards.

Does anyone else have this problem with this firmware?

I have the same problem, How can I flash back to original gs09

Here’s how I downgraded my 451S@832S VS0B to 451S GSB9 (official):
First, I visited this page and I downloaded this file.
Then, I flashed my drive with patched GSB7 FW, and then I finally flashed it with GSB9 official firmware. Now it looks and works fine.
And, of course, I learned how to do this by visiting and reading this great forum regularly!

Well I flashed back to gsb9 I hope they get this bittsetting bug worked out if it is a bug. :slight_smile:

Actually, going from to remove bitsetting for my NEC 1100A (1E4 firmware) as well. So it may be a new bug in Nero…

Nero just came out with new version Fixed some bugs.

Like explained into another thread, I discovered that bit setting disappeared after a Nero upgrade from to
It seems that bit setting relevant functions management on LiteOn devices has been removed from

There are two threads about bitsetting and GSBA. So they have been merged…

Anyway, to the user who said that the 1.06 booktype tool doesn’t work with GSBA… have you tried using KProbe2 for bitsetting? KP2 has a much newer version of LiteOn’s bitsetting tool built-in (as the author of the official LiteOn bitsetting tool is also the author of KProbe2).