New official 2.1B firmware for NEC 3500

I found this new 2.1B firmware for our “old” NEC 3500
published on April 12th 2006 at:

Direct download link:

The infos about the changelog are in bypacked Readme file

thanks. i wonder if there will be any bitsetting patch or firmware tweaks from Liggy and Dee for this new release

There is nothing [B]at the moment[/B]

By the way, it’s [thread=175806]old news[/thread].

I am sorry
I made [B]before posting [/B] a search with keyword “2.1B” on the forum and found nothing …

Also, to be fair, the original post wasn’t all that “old,” as it was only posted a week ago, and with little fanfare.

It’s old news anyway, regardless how you would bend it.

One more there is. :smiley:

No bitsetting though - 14.04.06:

                CD−R 	CD−RW  	DVD−R  	DVD−RW 	DVD+R  	DVD+RW  DVD+R DL
Strategies 	1.26 	1.24 	1.43 	1.36 	1.64 	1.37 	1.27
Bitsetting 	  	                        [B]Yes 	Yes [/B]	Yes
Strategies  	1.26  	1.24  	1.45  	1.37  	1.66  	1.37  	1.29
Bitsetting 	  	                         [B]No 	No[/B] 	Yes

Anyone got the scoop on the DVD+R strat diffrences between 1.64 and 1.66?

No Bitsetting.
Just support for media that I don’t use.

I think I’ll stay with the modified version of [B]2.1A[/B] that supports bitsetting.

I see the DVD+RW settings haven’t changed in this firmware version. I guess 2.1B won’t burn ritek008 8x+RW then, since 2TG doesn’t either?

According to the documentation with the firmware from Liggy & Dee’s site, the [B]RPC1[/B] firmware should include the Riplock patch.

NEC ND-3500A 2.1B Firmware

Included files

README.TXT - This file
[B]21b_rpc1.bin - 2.1B Firmware including Riplock and RPC1 patch[/B]

Rip Lock removes the rip (reading) speed limitation,
(usually set to 2X) on a DVD Video with CSS encryption.

RPC1 removes region checks and commands.

There is a risk involved in flashing with experimental firmware,
so if you do not wish to assume this risk, please do not flash your drive!

This file was downloaded from

This is not so as the image below indicates. It is clearly RPCI only and not Riplock Removed.

NEC Dump hasn’t been updated for quite a while and doesn’t detect the way I apply the Riplock patch.

I also had some funny answers trying to read the DVD Write Speeds with NecDump in the 2.1B firmware:

NecDump works for reading DVD-RW & DVD+RW in the 2.1B firmware
and works for reading [B]all formats [/B] in the former 2.1A firmware

Thanks for the response Liggy.

Thanks for clearing that up for me, it is certainly appreciated.