New OEM ND3520A

Hi all new to the forum and would like to say Hi

New OEM ND3520A just turned up in post. Have installed it and windows recognised it straight away. Does this mean I dont need to install drivers? (none came with it and cant find any on the net also)

Also what do I need to do to make my drive multi regional I was informed its possible on this drive.

Thank you in advance


hi John
Welcome to the forum.
You dont need drivers in Windows if the drive has been found correctly.

Thanks Dee How about making it Multi regional? Am I allowed to ask that on this forum?


Sorry also what is the best media to get for this drive as Ive hardly had a chance to find out. Do PC world stock good media?

Various modified firmware threads on the NEC forum, have a browse. But first make sure your drive works correctly before flashing with unofficial firmware. :wink:

PC World do Maxell +R media which is YUDEN000T01 and very good.
They do a wide range of media, try and get some 16X stuff though.

MCC003 and 004 are very good. MCC03RG20 is also good. If PC World have new stock. Imation 16X should be MCC03RG20

OK will do and thank you for the very fast replies. This is an OEM product so do I have a warranty anyway? Also When you say make sure drive works correctly do you mean burning a few dvds cds ect? Ive just watched a dvd on it so it works in that respect. Thanks again for the response


If your in the UK you have 1 years warranty on any product sold as new.
And yep, burn a few discs. :wink:

Cheers Im off to find difference between DVD+R and DVD-R and DVD +/-R damn its so confusing!


OK can someone let me know the differences please


Read the NEC FAQ found in this forum. In there you can find different places for downloading firmware.

To help you decide between +R and -R let me just say this. Both discs are pretty much equal. +R (with NEC unofficial firmware) can have bitsetting to DVD-Rom to make it compatible with more players and -R is an older but still popular standard. Really, depending on what type of DVD Player you have, I’d recommend checking out - Click on the DVD Player section on the left and then you can read what kind of media that player supports. If you’re doing data backups only then you really don’t need to worry about it either way, both -R or +R would work fine in this instance.



an someone please explain what bitsetting is please



Use the search button or read here.



Actually you legally have a 2 year warranty in Europe for consumer products no matter what the shop tells you.

Thanks :slight_smile:


That is partially true but incomplete.
The manufacturer is held responsible for 12 months only, after that it is the vendor who is held responsible for warranty claims (so for instance if vendor out of business by the, no warranty whatsoever).
If during the first 6 months following the purchase the manufacturer can prove that the device was not faulty on delivery, your warranty claim can be rejected.
If you have a warranty claim having owned the device more than 6 months, the customer needs to prove that the device was already faulty on delivery.

This rule applies in the entire EU unless the manufacturer states officially a guarantee period of more than 6 months.


It is a different story in the UK. If the goods become faulty within a reasonable period of time (usually one year from the date of purchase*) the vendor has a legal duty to repair the goods, or get it repaired, or replace the goods with the same make/model or of equivalent specification (or better).
Repairs should be completed within 28 days of the goods being put in the hands of the vendor.

If a repair cannot be carried out on the item, then a replacement should be given. If no replacement can be given then the vendor should refund the purchase price.

*The warranty period on goods purchased in the UK is normally one year, but can be less considering the price paid for the goods. For instance, if you purchased a pair of earphones for 50p, and they last three months before failing, then that can be deemed to have been value for money. On the other hand, if you buy an item such as a DVD burner, Portable CD player or even a joystick, it should be guaranteed for one full year.

This is basically the trading law within the UK.