New OEM Benq 1655, need help!

I have been digging through the threads on this subject of installing the Benq 1655, and am still getting nowhere. Here is my scenerio I hope someone can help:

My system is a Dell Dem. 8200, the processor is a P4 1.8ghz 400mhz, I have 40pin ide connectors. I have updated my BIOS Flash with the newest Dell Bios. I had a CDRW on the master (i think, it could have been on the slave, but I only had the CDRW no other CDROM) and took it out and replaced it with the DVDRW from Benq. At first the computer recongized it and built the drivers and actually read a DVD. Yesterday I turned the computer on for the first time since I installed it on the computer and now it says that windows has built the drivers but can not find the drive. When I first put the drive in I set the jumpers like the CDRW was set, the CS setting, not the master or slave. I have tried to set the jumpers at the master and slave settings on different attempts, but just the same thing. The bios sees the benq on the ide 1 setting, but windows doesn’t. What am I doing wrong? Also I will be adding a DVD rom just for reading. Would I set that as the master and the DVDRW as a slave?

Thanks, I hope this is the right section, I thought about putting it in the newb section.


Hi and welcome to cdfreaks,

I recommend to set the Benq as Master.

One question: Is the drive listed in the Windows Device Manager?

DEFINITELY use an 80 pin connector. even if it’s not the current problem, it’ll save you headaches down the line…

Yes it is listed in the Device Manager with a yellow icon next to it. Should I leave the DVDRW Drive connected to the last connector (master) or the next to last (slave) connector on the IDE cable?


connect the 1655 to the master spot on the secondary IDE cable and make sure it is jumpered as master. when you add the rom, connect it to the slave spot on the cable and jumper it as slave.

and like i said above, changing to 80 pin cable would be a wise move.

what happens when you right click the yellow icon in the device manager and click “properties”

what does it say is wrong with it?

It could just be that the IDE cable isn’t really handling cable select. Try setting it to master (with the jumper) & connect it to the end connection on the IDE cable.

I will try the 80 pin cable, but I have the setup like you are saying to do and its not working. Master sport on the secondary IDE cable and the jumper is set as master, and no money. Bios sees it in setup as BENQ LS 1655 but windows doesnt?!

When I right click it gives me the properties and says the drivers are there but windows can not find the drive?

please post the EXACT error message that you get within the properties menu of the device manager.

that will help to troubleshoot your problem.

it’s possiblt that the 40 pin cable is the caues of your trouble, but without exact error message we can’t really make any educated guesses.

I bet this will solve your problem CD-ROM access is missing and messages cite error Code 31, Code 32, Code 19, Code 39, or Code 41

that’s what i was trying to get out of him! if we knew the error code we could make some better guesses

Sorry I am at work and not at the computer but it is error code 41, I will check that link.

That could be it, I will try that and let yal know! Thanks for the help!!!