New OCZ covers warranty for recent SSDs – warranty void for the rest

We’ve just posted the following news: New OCZ covers warranty for recent SSDs – warranty void for the rest[newsimage][/newsimage]

OCZ Storage Solutions has posted how it will deal with warranties of the bankrupt OCZ Technology Group products, now Toshiba has acquired the assets.

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I have more than one OCZ SSD so I am a yes and a no. Only my Octane is not covered anymore.:wink:

I’m a yes, although it’s an older SSD :slight_smile:

For me, it’s a Yes and an Unsure. :wink:

I use to have two OCZ Vertex 2 120GB SSDs. Both failed after several months of use (one in a desktop and the other in a laptop), the first was replaced with another Vertex 2 120GB and the second SSD was replaced with an Agility 3 120GB. I’ve since sold off the Vertex 2, but the Agility 3 is still in use in my laptop and covered by warranty.

As for the unsure, it is an OCZ Vertex Plus 120GB that I have in an old Netbook and is not listed on that warranty page. This SSD never had a problem.

In the OCZ forum last week they were indicating to a Vertex Plus owner the RMA procedures for replacing the drive, so I guess they are honoring all Vertex (Indilinx Barefoot) variants.

Revo 3 is covered :cool:

The thing that annoys me is the fact that they refuse to cover the DRAM. OCZ have first and foremost been a DRAM company, and one of their main selling points is the lifetime warranty offers.

Many times I have been on forums and people saying get OCZ and don’t worry as there is a lifetime warranty with them.

from what was said on the anandtech site the psu division may be getting sold, so its possible that some of those warranties might be honoured.