New Nvidia Drivers Out!

just to let everyone know Nvidia has finally released new Detonator drivers: Version: 43.45
just go to
drivers have been updated for all Windows versions from what i’ve seen on there site.

Did you test them yet? What are the results…?

Damn , 22 megs for the international version :eek:

Yes!! my 3dmark03 score increased 9 points from 261 to 270 :slight_smile:

i have read somewhere about ppl tested in 3dmark 2k1 and got a 700 mark increase…

Very tempting. I might just upgrade my GF2 MX (the original MX) to a GF4 Ti4xxx.:bigsmile:

For some reason I can never get the quality DVD playback on my system w/ Radeon cards like people mentioned. Tried two version of 8500 and I’m getting grainy playback on DVDs. And the driver installation is just freaking horrible. nVidia drivers are much much easier to install.

ya same here Stoner.
i’ve always had problems with ATI’s drivers and installing them.
i picked up a G4 TI 4800SE, and so far i’ve been blown away with the performance of the card.
with the new 43.45 drivers i’ve also noticed faster and sharper image quality in my games and movies.