New NuTech DVD Sub-Forum?

How about to open a new DVD subforum for NuTech products?

Altough Nu-Tech seems to be a raising star their is only a very small amount of Nu-Tech threads for the moment. We usually add a forum when a brand gets a lot of threads so they don’t crowd the Recording Hardware Forum. Get other Nu-Tech customers in here and get them posting and we might fullfill your wish! :wink:

Same about Samsung, Ricoh, Panasonic/Matsushita, AOpen, Asus, Gigabyte, Memorex… post many news threads about Nu’s latest DVD writers, with each containing very useful information and then at least some staff members will start asking DoMiN8ToR to create one for Nu!

I recently purchased the NuTech DDW-082 DVD+/-R burner and have not been pleased with it at all. It worked for about 3 weeks burned around 10 DVDs and a few CDs and then stopped working. Also when I tried to contact NuTech about the problem they sent me one email back telling me to change the IDE cable. Once I had changed the cable the problem still persisted. I emailed NuTech about 4 times after that telling them that this had not worked but I was never contacted again by them. Luckily I was able to get the drive replaced by the store which I had purchased it from after explaining to them the problems that I had experienced with NuTech. Once again the drive worked well for a while and now once again has stopped burning CDs. I am really disappointed in the quality of this product and the support from NuTech.

Millennium, it would be better to post your experiences in our Recording Hardware Forum instead of this Forum Talk Forum, which is intended for feedback on Club CD Freaks, the Forum you’re now viewing. Pretty complicated sentence but I hope you understand what I mean :wink: