New NK0E SOHC-5232K Firmware

Warning! The 5232K firmwares are special in that calibation data is stored in the firmware itself (if your drive started out with NK07 or later, that is; drives that started out with NK06 or earlier should behave normally, methinks)! That whole NOEEPROM thing. So when flashing, please make sure that “update bootcode” is checked. The reason I kept the patched NK0E in a scrambled format that was not flashfixed was to discourage people from using alternative methods of flashing, because of this whole NOEEPROM thing.

PS: Haven’t verified this, but the latest version of FlashFix should be able to FlashFix the flasher and let you flash to drives with non-LiteOn name strings.

If i check update boot code the flasher freeze and i have to reboot(the drive after the reboot is functional)…but if i uncheck it no problem at all

p.s. is it normal that this drive uses ultra dma 3 and not 2 like my 832s drive?

How odd…

p.s. is it normal that this drive uses ultra dma 3 and not 2 like my 832s drive?


thanx for all :bow: :wink:

So the best way to put this on a CRX320 (because I want to ditch the stupid turbo mode, and the 8x DVD+/-R limit), is what?

Flashfix the EXE ?
Or LTNFW the binary, and be sure to update bootcode

What the hell is UDMA 3?
4 is ATA/66
3 is ATA/44
2 is ATA/33

So I guess you need an 80 wire cable for UDMA 3 - got them all round anyway!
A couple of DVD-ROMs also seem to support UDMA 3 - though if they were going to go past ATA/33, they might just as well have taken it all the way to 66 - unless they’re actually pushing an ATA/33 interface 33% over speed?

FlashFix the executable. See for FlashFix.

To stop anyone stuffing up there drive I will remove the link to the .bin files. :iagree:

Links now removed. :wink: