New NK0E SOHC-5232K Firmware

New f/w is out
Is it possible to patch it for fast reading?Thanx bye :wink:

I was just about to ask the same thing :slight_smile: The previous NKOA packed firmwares were very good indeed!

The last few firmwares have been released to match more media.

Is this the only thing that’s new in the firwares or is there something Liteon hasnt told us about?

I just update to NK0E and the 1st thing I have noticed is that it now has official support for DVD + R DL reading, I will let you know what else I find.

Hers some more info for you, this firmware was created Aug 11, and it has support for 191 media types, I can’t remember, how many media types were support in the last version but I think was in the 180’s. :wink:

No I was wrong I just check one of my posts on the last firmware version and it to has support for 191 media codes so no added writing media added, must just be the DVD + R DL support they added. :confused:

Support for dvd r+ dl is good for me and a patched read speed f/w is much more good! :slight_smile:

Interesting - I just got a CRX320 - which is an OEM of this… wonder if its worth switching it to the later Liteon FW when it does get the treatment!

Well, Code65536 did the speed hack with NK0A, so I’m hoping he’ll patch this one soon. I loved reading my bitset DVD+R’s at up to 16x in the drive…

Patched NK0E is now posted.

I kindly thank you and worship you :slight_smile:

Thanks Code

thanks code, your work is great

Thanks, will it cross-flash a CRX320 with no further adjustments?

PS. That archive demonstrates the power of RAR on consecutive files (each not very compressible, but similar) - 605k total
However, I tried 7-zip 7Z format in the same set - 574k

Better compression than RAR, and free … the beginning of the end for RAR?

Just for a laff, I’ll try ZIP (1360k)
Unfair to zip really, as most of the compression comes from “solid mode” with the similar files, and zip is not solid, and the zip dictionary is too small for the old double-zip dodge to work (for smaller files, zip the files together UNCOMPRESSED, then zip the resulting file with compression) - for some data sets, double-zip can be useful, if you have nothing better.

yes you can cross flash the CRX320, as that is what i done previously

Just stumbled over the EEPROM / NOEEPROM thread - and it seems this may be an issue with the 5232K as well as the 52327S

Was looking at Flashfix, in case it’s not already flashfixed

Could someone post this read speed patched f/w in bin format or send it to me?Thanx a lot!

Here it is in the 12X version, I don’t use the other ones, sorry. :bigsmile:

I need the 16x version :,-(

Just for you I will flash the 16x version and post it, back soon with your file. :smiley:

Here you go