New, newbie - LG GH24NS90

Hi all.
I’m a worker bee and as most I have no resource for school and need to learn everything on the fly:confused:
I work on networks and the latest video security systems and HID prox systems
As usual I’m searching the online world for
Help! Im confused again. :confused: I Joined this sight as I heard you are the one of the best help sight’s going !!
Glad to be here!
My first question is,
I have a new Sata drive LG model #GH24NS90 and I’m trying to use it on my older computer that uses the Pata (i think) ?
The model # of the old drive is DH-16A1P I read about this converter

Is it the correct on to go from old pc to new sata DVR?
Thanks in advance!!
Hers to many years of collaboration!

Welcome to the forums Jonny.

I believe the converter that you have linked is designed to convert an IDE drive (hard drive or optical drive) to SATA. Your situation is just the other way round, where you need to connect a SATA drive to an IDE/PATA interface connection on the motherboard.

You might be just as well off putting in a SATA controller card. Here is an inexpensive one at Newegg that seems to work well with optical drives:
It only has one internal SATA connection however.

If you’d prefer to try an adapter, they do make some that go the other way, but I’m not sure how well they work. Here is a bi-directional one that is supposed to work for SATA to IDE, or IDE to SATA: But you can read in the comments that the manufacturer admits that not all converters work with all optical drives.

By the way, when connecting a SATA device, you’ll need both a SATA data cable and a SATA power cord. They make adapters to go from a regular molex power cable to SATA if your power supply doesn’t have any SATA connectors already.

I agree with Kerry. And I would recommend going with a PCI card SATA adapter if you have an open PCI slot on your motherboard. I tried 4 different adapters of this type to accomplish what you are trying to do, and not one of them worked. I recommend avoiding the temptation to try this cheap route. The PCI SATA cards with the Silicon Image chips have worked for me in several older machines with SATA optical drives. As Kerry mentioned, don’t forget a 4 pin molex to SATA power cable adapter and sata cable long enough to reach from the drive to the card.

Go for SIL based cards. :cool: