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I had bought anydvd and clone dvd about 4-6 months ago love it it works great/ my question is 1. how do I re download I built a new computer. 2. will there 2 programs work on the new windows xp pro 64 bit processor and os??? The 64 bit smokes fast as hell.

any help would be great!!!

first working xp 64 in southern Cali!!! :cool:


I think the answer to your question is in your other, near identical, thread.



you can download the latest verisions on the SlySoft, after installing you just need to do the registration by clicking the two regestry keys which slysoft has send to you after you have purchaised the product. Yes, both are 64bit windows compatible


@ Last2know1,

Please do not Double Post! Double Posting does not get you an answer to your question any quicker. Double posting only causes confusion, violates Forum etiquette, and is discourteous to Forum members who take the time effort to respond to your question.

I have all ready answered you identical question many hours in your original posting titled “New Computer” posted in the AnyDVD Forum.

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my bad I thought i had posted this question but i cound not find it so i did it again sorry for the mix up. If I do not have the keys what do I do?


Contact Slysoft, they have it on record and will send it to you. They did for me when I bought a new computer. Assuming you bought it from them.


@ Last2know1,

Suggest viewing the below Forum Posting and recommend reading the entire posting.

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got it thanks guys !!!