New Nero Version - Worth the upgrade?

i havent installed nero yet on my fresh boot of xp (formatted a few days ago)

my liteon (52246s) drive comes with 55913 i believe…maybe 17…anyways…

is there any reason for me not to upgrade to 551015? any drawbacks of it seen by anyone yet?

after the cdrwin issue i had (but fixed! thanks oz) im reluctant to upgrade anything!

firmware…software…where does it end???

aight im gonna sleep

I’ve been using for a while now, very good version. Later versions fixed some bugs with VCD’s and such, but no new features.

i’m one of those ppl who always wants to have the latest versions of their software and i don’t think i’ve ever really had any version related software issues that weren’t easily fixable. however, this isn’t necessarly true for everyone. if u’re not having problems now, there’s no compelling reason to update, esp if u don’t feel like u can deal with the associated problems that could (rarely) come from updating.

ya i was definately one of those update-hungry ppl…

up until a few days ago when i had a prob with cdrwin and firmware and blah blah …

so now im cautious

i think ill stick with 55913 for a while