New NERO-version 6.6!

The new Nero 6.6 version has been released in Germany. For now it is only availible on a CD of a PC-magazine (ComputerBILD). A user put the file (80 MB) on his webspace (Thank you :slight_smile: unknown user! (it’s not me!!!)):

(if this link doesn’t work try eMu**!)
PS: This version will be “downloadeable” at at 18th October!

Any English versions around?

not yet. but the version isn’t fully translated into German so some points will be English!

Downloaded this one and it includes English too. Thanks for the tip.

So if I download from this link and upgrade my current version
Everything should be alright? I can’t read German so everything is in English ?


JWood :iagree:

When I installed it over the old version, it installed in English. Didn’t even ask what language. I think it just looks at whatever you already have installed. I noticed that it had help files for a whole bunch of languages when I uncompressed it. The file doesn’t look big enough to contain a lot, but it is 252 MB uncompressed.

Strange…Nerovision 3 …yet ReCode version is Is this the newest version?

Think you might be right, the latest version of Nerovision 2 is, and I think that was the number on Recode also. Also noticed that the version of Nero Media Player in this file is older than the one on the Nero FTP site.

sorry about the blank post. I went back and uncompressed Nerovision and it does have version of Recode in it. Guess they just updated the Nerovision Express part of it.

O.K. I messed up the numbers in the last post. That should be for the latest version of Nerovision, and that is the right number for Recode,

Two things…

  1. There is an Enlgish version floating around on the net… Atleast… The one I found is. :smiley:

  2. The installer has an internal build info file that says it was put together on 9/17/2004… Thus, some of the components are actually older then the ones available seperately for the 6.3.x.x series of Nero.

there’s also an update for Nero Vision Express. Now

The 6.6 version will not be OFFICIALLY released before October 18tht.

Burned a Ritek DL on my BenQ DW1620. Cut the lead out time from four and a half minutes to two. A definite improvement.