New Nero v5.0.3.8 Released

I just posted the article New Nero v5.0.3.8 Released….

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And we have a new Nero…

Changes from to

enable overburning for

Lite-on LTR-0841 (and compatible), FW >=…

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I can’t be bothered to upgrade till there is a proper reason to. It ain’t worth the time.

What kind of bullshit update is that, we need something more!!!

Like what. ?

Damn, I missed and …it’s a miracle I could burn !!

come on guys, every time Nero has an update it is worth it for some people. It is not for nothing it is the best full-mastering softwareapp around. Besides if the new Mitsumi’s act as flexible as the old ones… imagine… CloneCD compatible for reading and writing, and the only drive that can write up to 99 minutes on a cdr with…yes Nero Burning Rom.
MMmmmhhh and for the speedsters out there, the new firmware for Yamaha CRW2100 16x10x40 adds RAW DAO mode writing…

would things still be stable enough to write a disk properly at that speed. doesn’t it get unreliable. cdrom drives make the whole pc vibrate when reading at these speeds!

Reading/Writing on my Plextor 12/10/32 doesnt make my PC vibrate one bit so i dont reckon it will much at 16/10/40 either

I have to admit that this is one bullshit update… And I thought CloneCD was bad with updates… BTW: What happened with the updates for CloneCD? I guess the author is busy trying to figure out how to bypass the Safedisc 2 and SecuRom 2 protection… Finally the energy needed to release a proper update!

Instead of stupid updates they should get rid of some of the bugs in the program.
When Nero is active in win2k you can’t access the other cd-rom drives in explorer… Not a minor bug if you ask me …

does anyone have a crack/serial for v.

And what to think about the eternal minimizing of that stupid Nero window after burning. Otherwise: kudos for Ahead!

beebok’try for nero 5.3.8.thats the dutch version with s/n. then d/l from www.ahead the official uprgrade all should be roses after that.robbo

hellfish,clone can defeat any protction if you take the time to read the help file:s

sorry/it was hypnosis not hellfish i guess he got me spellbound???

Robbo: If it can defeat Safedisc 2 and SecuRom 2 then please let me know… The word Ive heard from people is that it cant…

Robbo, I tried but this us a greek page with a lot of greek characters. So I don’t have a clue of what is written over there. Does someone else knows where I can get a crack for nero

mx6: Its not Greekm its Russian!

to every action thr is equal & oppsite reaction

How do I burn a 700.9 meg file to a 700 meg disc. Tired of making coasters.