New Nero out >>>Bitsetting for DVD+RW solved<<<



Hi @ all, :wink:

A new version of Nero Burning Rom is out today (… and finaly our DVD+RW Bitsetting problem is solved !

The new nero is setting the dvd automaticly to DVD-Rom, there is no option in nero anymore. So we have the same thing like with the DVD+Rs !!!

So time to update folks :smiley:

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I can confirm this as well. Burned both a DVD+RW and DVD+R tonight and they both turned out properly as DVD-ROM book type. There was no check box for it so either it has become the default option for Nero or it reads the drive default.

Anyway, I’m very excited since I prefer Nero’s interface over RecordNow.

BTW, I’m using the Beta 8 firmware.


Just to clarify : Nero uses the drive defaults set with dvdinfopro !

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what changed actually. do u still have to run dvdinfo all the time?


Hi @ all

You have to set the Bitsetting preferences once with dvdinfopro to DVD-Rom for DVD+R and DVD+RW and nero will allways write DVD-ROM to DVD+R and DVD+RW after that !

Best wishes Prema;)


Originally posted by nagash
what changed actually. do u still have to run dvdinfo all the time?

Changes from Nero to
Features Added
Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express 6

Added support for new recorders
Bug Fixes
Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express 6

Fixed wrong DVD+R VR flag detection routine
Allow to select recorder in NE when loading Double Layer image
Fixed wrong DVD Video label on Asian systems
Enabled switching the fullometer when switching CD EXTRA audio and ISO part in NE
Fixed a problem accessing internet CD database by increasing the timeout for users with slow internet access
Fixed that Double Layer multisession disc cannot be copied
Nero Burning ROM

Added data in multisession DVD+RW was not written correctly
Added data in multisession DVD-RW was not displayed correctly
Nero BackItUp

Fixed a problem that occured if an update backup was cancelled when a medium is requested


By the way, I have small questions.

Is it possible to :

  1. Set default booktype for a drive in DVDinfopro to DVD-ROM, CLOSE DVD infopro, launch Nero and still have the DVD-ROM booktype? Or is it necessary to leave DVDinfopro running while burning with nero?

  2. Is the booktype setting done by DVDinfopro erased once you have rebooted or switched off/on the PC?

Thanks for your answers!!


Answer 1) Yes!

Answer 2) No! It is not erased as long as you have set the default booktype! I’ve set my default booktypes to DVD-ROM long ago and the drive still retains the setting after multiple reboots and firmware flashes. :bigsmile: There’s no need to keep opening up DVDInfoPro as long as you’ve set the default booktype.


Thanks for your answers, wesociety!

That is outstanding, yet a little scary.

Where the hell is booktype info stored on the drive?

  1. If it is in flash memory, it is a bit scary since Flash memory erases are usually performed by block, not by single address. DVDinfo pro has to readback the block where the booktype info is, modify the block (change the default booktype) and then write back the memory block.

  2. If successive firmware flashs don’t change the default booktype, either the booktype info is not stored in the firmware flash (but in another non volatile memory), or the firmware flash procedure does not write the whole flash memory!

Either way, I really don’t know where booktype info is stored. If someone knows, it would really interest me to know


Originally posted by grenet_ghost

Where the hell is booktype info stored on the drive?
It’s being stored on the disc > Compatibility Bitsettings / Book Type Field