New Nero Burning Rom version today?

I just posted the article New Nero Burning Rom version today ?.

A new Nero Burning Rom version will be released today. You can read this message on the Ahead download page:

New Nero Version on October, 3rd

Attention!! At this time only upgrade from…

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but does it solve the illegal operation errors?

what illegal op errors? are you using win2k? i’ve heard of some errors with that. but have never experienced any at all. even with adaptec easy-crap-creator. all tested under win98, winme, win2k, winxp. never had a problem with both burning software, probably never will. you probably have a conflict with something else, be it hardware, software, the weather, etc. coz my pc’s loaded with so many different software, and i still burn no problems.

Downloading it now (Version Uploading just finished.

Grab it here:

the “old” mpeg2 plugin not working with this version !! :frowning: