New Nero Burning ROM version available, v6.3.0.6C Philips

I just posted the article New Nero Burning ROM version available, v6.3.0.6C Philips.

wsaintcr, SoBal, jan70, Voodoo2man and many,
many others all reported to us that Ahead has released a new Nero Burning
ROM version. According to the reports we received version…

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I noticed this on Filemirrors recently, but I can wait for the official release. Note that this latest version is a full 13Mb bigger than (23Mb vs 36Mb). That seems a lot just to add DL support. Nero is starting to get fat!

I’d already suggested in the Nero/InCD forum that this is not the next official Nero 6 release. InCD has a later file date, and is in the official version list on the Nero site. Oddly, the same FTP folder also contains a version of Nero 5.5 (seemingly I suspect this is little more than a version rushed out to support a new Philips drive - though, of course, it may have support for DVD+R dual layer! Personally, I’d wait for a few more days for the next Nero 6 release unless you have a serious problem with However, this version is there to download if you want to play! It would be interesting to see if there’s any restrictions on which serial numbers work with this version.

I turned this in yesterday to be reviewed.

according to the nero web site the new version will be released at the end of this week

Ugh, 23megs was unbearable to download every couple weeks but 36megs is out of control. Ahead needs to learn how to provide updates to their apps, like everybody else out there. Then we could just download a 120k file and get all the newest improvements and support. Hello Ahead, time to get out of 1996 programming techniques.

Thankd David for the info about Nero :g