New nero and windows 7 still fails to burn

I had the same problem with NERO. I believe it is related to +R versus -R DVDs. I tried to burn about 20 +R DVDs and NERO always said it worked but the DVDs were blank.

I then switched back the the -R DVDs and have sucessfully burned 6 DVDs.

I am using a laptop with Windows Vista and the latest NERO but had the problem with the prevous “d” version too. I did not discover if the +R / -R situation was solved for that version using the -R DVDs.

The onley + discs ive ever used are dual layers everything else ive ever used have been - r

[QUOTE=REDBULL2004;2448438]yes got imgburn mate , but would like to get nero working as it cost me £45 so would be nice to be able to use it instead of freebies , i only use nero burning rom too as i got convertx2dvd and blu ray convertors etc [B]so not bothered about any thing else working in nero 9 just burning part .[/B]

I’m a Nero fan (version 7), but I never use Burning ROM as the ‘freebies’ as you call them work as good if not better for general burning. For me Nero is about the other things it brings to the table, Nero Vision, Recode, Sound Trax, Wave Editor, ShowTime and Image Drive. That’s a very bloated package you are installing just to get a burning app.

yes but no freebie offers multi burning , i ni u can open imgburn muti times etc but its easier to just tick muti burn and away u go

maybe its not supported in 64 bit